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Hi, I had a PCI digitiser card installed in my PC ( ) . This card can count pulses from encoders and do some processing. Iam powering these encoders from an outside power supply(5V). The problem i found is if i connect three encoders( ) altogether i
I'm looking to connect a TI 2000 series dev board up with a Xilinx spartan fpga for back and forth communications over the 16bit parallel bus. So I'll be connecting data bus, address bus, chip select, read and write. All 3.3v signals. Each of these board have their own (i believe isolated) power supply. The Xilinx gets 12V ATX in and the TI get 5V
I saw one used once up to 3 ghz, and it worked suprisingly well. It had a pin with the signal, and 8 pins around it, in a square, connecting the two board grounds together.
hi to all i want to use dac ad5363, and infact, i want to have two separate grounds for digital and analog, is it possible to take DGND and AGND apart by using two power supplies? i am asking this question because in the datasheet there were some comments on connecting AGND and DGND with ferrit bid and etc. i am confused (...)
If circuits are totally independent you may leave separate grounds, if they, however, need common reference - "star grounding" is the most recommended option .. see attached picture .. .... I need to know what to do with the 2 grounds? connecting them together wouldn't heart .. Rgards, IanP
Hie, How do you isolate the grounds of two different circuits in PSPICE. Am connecting an optocoupler to a particular circuit.but have no idea how to isolate the grounds.Please help.THanX!!!
I am not aware of any standard that will prevent you from connecting grounds of different power supplies .. Of course, you have to implement safety precautions not to expose users to dangerous high voltages .. As an example have a look at light dimmers, touch-button light switches (here you touch mains through some MΩ resistor) etc. etc. Th