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Hello. I am trying to simulate a simple waveguide using wave port in both ends. All seems to work, but I get several warnings saying: Discrete solution, process hf3d: Port Port1 supports an additional propagating and/or slowly decaying mode whose attenuation is xxxx and propagation constant is xxxx -- Simulating on machine: localhost
Yes, you would need to know those quantities, the process is known as "de-embedding" -- which is just multiplying by a factor of e^{-Gamma*d}, where Gamma is your propagation constant and d is the distance to be de-embedded.
The input impedance of transmission line is given by Zo*(1 + Γ*exp(-2*γ*l))/(1 - Γ*exp(-2*γ*l)). Where Γ is the reflection coefficient at the load end, l is the length of the line and γ is the propagation constant. For short circuit Γ is -1 and open cicuit Γ is 1. Thus geometric mean of sqrt(Zshort*Zopen) is
Hi all I am in the first steps of using CST how which graph or from where could I read the propagation constant from the result thanks
Below follow a link the Microstrip N-Way Power Divider Calculator. The microstrip wavelength, simply put, is the wavelength of the input signal as it is changed by the effective dielectric constant of the microstrip. This change-in-wavelength calculation is the same as it is in TEM (Transverse
Hello dear friends I have a trouble to define "propagation constant" in the case of Grating..! How should "propagation constant" be defined in port1,2 (Electromagnetic Waves, Frequency Domain) at COMSOL multiphysics? the file is attached Please help me 😣119808
Hi i need a matlab code to plot "attachment" that figures "normalized propagation constants" in fiber vs v111231
De-embedding can definitely be done in HFSS (in post-processing, nonetheless). In my understanding, de-embedding removes the effect of the propagation constant of your transmission-line over a certain distance. This will affect both magnitude (the decay constant alpha) and phase (the phase constant β). Of course, (...)
According to the transmission line theory, the characteristic impedance of the device Zo, propagation constant γ only should be related to the materials and the cross-sectional structure theoretically. And HFSS solve the 2D fields first, then solve 3D fields. For this, I want to ask three questions: 1 Choose ?solve ports only?, HFSS only cal
hi,i'm in the same problem. plz help me... thanks.
Hi, Does anybody have a code that calculates the propagation constant of a straight waveguide and a bending waveguide (two different codes) Thank you in advance for your help Best
You can get the propgation constant directly from HFSS by using waveport
Please can anyone help with codes or how to compute propagation constant and chractersitics impedance of a transmission line using matlab
Hi all What exactly exchange for define, parameter verilog syntax on synthesis? Also, what is constant propagation?
Hi all, I am performing humidity measurement using the HS1101 sensor. The idea of measuring the humidity is charging anf decharging the sensor(capacitance). Please look at the link As it is written in the link above, the solution is based on a timer which charges/decharges the cap
The analog AM receiver needs an automatic gain control (AGC) circuit to handle the large RF input variation due to radio wave propagation. In FM receivers the limiter provides constant envelope signal at input of demodulator. FM signals require more RF bandwidth to enable same base band bandwidth. So difference is in the demodulator, filters (
I am simulating a waveguide in HFSS having 2 ports( rectangular dielectric waveguide) .I want to ask what is real meaning of S(1,2) because in one case i am getting S(1,2) plot showing 5db gain while the propagation constant (beta) is equal to 0. Field overlay also shows wave dying much before even reaching port 2 then how to interprete S(1,2) val
Hi all, Is there a way to plot the propagation constant (beta) against a certain frequency range in CST MWS? When I do the simulation, I only get the propagation constant for the central frequency. I want this plot to be for a certain frequncy range and not just the central frequncy. Thank you.
Hi all, 1. I was wondering if anyone can help me on how to plot the propagation constant beta against frequency for a cylinrical dielectric waveguide that I constructed to CST MWS. 2. Also, I manually calculated the propagation constant of the dielectric wave guide and got a value of about 2.7 m^-1 at a frequency of (...)
The time constant of the AGC is very long (.1 -5 seconds) as it only compensates for change in propagation amplitude, else it would remove the modulation of AM signals. For non carrier modulation such as SSB, the time constant will be even longer -30 secs? Frank