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How to calculate the delay after layout generation( post layout) in combinational circuit multiplier design in cadence soc encounter. How to give clock in timing constriant file in combinational circuit design . I want to see area, power, delay after layout ram dear lord, you are lost. you give a clock constraint
Hi, can anyone help how to set constraints of fanin and then save that cone ? actually, I traverse back from my output to input and I want to list all gates comes under that output cone ? Is there any setting in tcl file then please share here. I below show the tcl file which i write but I think something is missing for making the (...)
In the first file dlx_toplevel.twx.txt look in the file starting at line 760: Timing constraint: TS_Inst_DCM_100_CLKOUT5_BUF = PERIOD TIMEGRP "Inst_DCM_100_CLKOUT5_BUF" TS_Inst_DCM_100_CLK0_BUF * 0.25 HIGH 50%; 3468680 paths analyzed, 11470 endpoints analyzed, 0 failing endpoints 0 timing errors detected. (0 setup err
Hi All, I have input delays set as greater than the available clock periods. For example, in my constraint file Input delay for a pin is set as 25.5ns and I am using 8 ns period clock and the path has multicycle path of 3 periods. So I m getting violation in preCTS stage as the delay is high compared to the clock period. I
If you are using an IP (Xilinx or other), in most cases a constraints file is provided. You just have to make sure that it is analyzed by Vivado. For a Xilinx IP constraint file it will be taken care by Vivado. You need to write the constraints only for the ports in the top-level design, i.e. the ports for (...)
Hi i am unable to do design optimization in cadence encounter, i am getting an error regarding that the timing library is not included. During design import i add the following files 1) synthesized (.v) file 2) LEF file 3) timing constraint file (.sdc) that got from synopsys. I do have the timing lib (...)
1.i have a simple design in verilog , one of the port is "clk" and i want to provide a 200Mhz to this pin. how to write a constraint in vivado. i am targeting virtex 7 vc707 board. please write the constraint for me. more question is(see the table below) , what is this "FPGA pin" and "clock source pin" and please mention the difference
Hello i am new to digital design and i am trying to learn how to design and implementation of digital circuits. I read SDC files are constant files where "the rules that are written to meet designs goal in terms of Area, Timing and Power to obtain the best possible implementation of a circuit". So it seems like say if my aim is to design a circu
Hello, I have a design that has some modules in a top file. Each module individually has some internal sub-modules. When I am trying to put the AREA_GROUP constraint for the sub-modules intended in those modules, it seems that the ISE does not recognize them and I receive the folowing error message. Can anybody help me whether it is possible to
Hello, Q1. I am new to the SKILL language. Can someone explain how can I extract and save the constraints data (Placement and Routing constraints) from a Schematic XL to a constraint file using SKILL language? Q2.*******SKILL CODE************ ddsOpenLibManager() ddsServOpen("myLib" "diffamp" "schematic" "read") (...)
Well the synthesis used an input file SDC hand written where the designer indicate the constraints, it is not mandatory, as RTL compiler for example has his own command to constraint the design. using SDC is recommended and could be used by the majority of the synthesis tool. Personally, I used as input of the place& route tool the generated (...)
do you set false paths between clock domain? that might help... You should have declared unrelated clock domains by a "set_clock_groups" constraint in your sdc file.
hi all i am in my beginner stage with vhdl programming. I built a BASK modulator using vhdl lang in vivado. I know how to compile a source code and then write the test bench and simulate the output waveform. From there on out i don't know what to do. I need to implement it on an FPGA. There was something about ucf file and
there is nothing like "input_dependant"...the tool will analyze both rise and fall paths for any constraint. it is needed for getting the worst case. the same applies to clock tree as well.... all this is correlated with spice for tool deployment.
So, instead of setting false_path, should I define max_delay constraint? But how I tell to the tool to ignore metastability issues?
Hello guys, My friend ask me 3 questions, but I'm not sure to answer him. 1) What are the important constraints in a SDC file? why? 2) What are pin load constraints? why we use it? 3) we need to TAPEOUT in 4 days & we have both SETUP & HOLD violations ? which one we fix first & why? Please give me your view about them. Thank you, BR.
there should not be any setup/hold/recovery/removal/transition violations present in design , input will be constraint file and post layout netlist , output will be your generated reports.
The core should have a ucf (constraint) file that has timing, io placement, and io standards. Did you include it in the project?
please provide more information .... if a signal is expected to arrive late ( I am assuming your mean here is signal taking more than 1 clock cycle ), you need to define that signal as multi cycle path in your constraint file Rahul
Yes if you add a constraints like min/max input delay.