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reading basic fabrication techniques will answer this question. BTW tap cell will need AA contact and metal and well in case of well contact .
I need to switch a 20A 240 Volts load, I have a relay rated 40A with just 4 terminals, the 2 for switching on the relay and the others 2 a NO contact, so my question is if its OK to switch a 2 phase load by switching off just one of phase or should I use 2 relays and switch both phases.
Hi all. I have a Cell Coin CR2016 Battery Altium Footprint. I can see the +Ve pads are on Top Layer but the -Ve Pad is Top Solder. Now in 3D view the Top Layer Pads i.e. +Ve Pads are only visible. Top Solder i.e. -Ve Pad is not. So how the Battery -Ve terminal will get the contact? Or I need to change the -Ve Pad from Top Solder to Top Layer?
Hi, I'm a newbie. I'm looking for advice for a suitable DAQ with 64 digital "dry contact" inputs to interface with Form A digital outputs from my controller system. You can view the data sheet for the output modules for the controller system over here -
Tenma is a Farnell brand for chinese OEM products rather than a manufacturer. You should contact them for software compatibility and related problems.
contact the dealer or service center for how long do all the LEDs flash?
Unfortunately the Aptina documents are under NDA. You need to get permission from Aptina to view the documents. Its best to contact a Distributor of Aptina and request the NDA, and your University/College can sign the NDA for the documents.
Give us more information : Must it be a non-contact measurement? Are there unique optical features on the ball? Draw us a diagram
TSMC gives access to academics as well. You need to contact them through your University/College. Keith.
In my view you better contact microchip for this per as my knowledge is concern you can use RC require external RC combination at the pin.... Good Luck
The most recent discussions about this software, here: Try to contact Kees, aka KC...
Folks, I am working with cadence virtuoso layout editor. When I am using contact types, I am seeing that they are not made by pcell layout but they are done in different view name called "symbolic". Can anybody please tell me what is this view and why it is used? if possible give me some difference between a pcell layout and (...)
I have a current project where I need to select one of 12 units (i.e. colored poker chips) I need to push into view any one of the 12 different colored chips via a selective code using RF which would control the selection. I know this is vague but if you are interested in helping contact me via PM. Thanks.
It looks like contact is also no there in the extracted view. If you look at the nmos symbol in the extracted view are the net names correct on the pins? All layers don't have to show up in the extracted view, usually only the connectivity layers and device bodies. Maybe the color of those layers is set to black so you (...)
Send me pm or leave contact info.
Card Pardaz Pars has a full range of smart card reader products, you can contact them, they also have a reader that can work with SLE4442 and SLE4428 memory cards.
Your keys may be set up different than mine, but to place a contact type 'o'. To actually view the contact and not just an outline type 'shift-f'.
Hi ! I have a Pyrometric sensor and I want to change his field of view. I want to do a non-contact termomiter and I need to have a tightened filed of view. In the datasheet of sensor there is only the graphics of field of view. Moreover my sensor has an internal reflector, but I don't know what it is. How I (...)
Hi. It is impossible to detect contact shorting, with no voltage applied to contacts, It may not necessary e 12V, but you SHOULD apply some voltage to contacts! From another point of view, the contacts NEED some current to flow in order to avoid oxiding, also.