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Is anyone aware of sources for ortho-mode transitions. I am interested in K and Ka bands. So far I have continental Microwave and MDL. Thanks.
If you are a Design Verification Engineer and have a strong background in Specman/e, we know of numerous companies that are constantly and consistently in need of your talents and services. We have contract and permanent positions within the continental United States. If interested, forward your resume to to add
ADS and HFSS are the most popular between industries, example Plantrnics use ADS, continental HFSS, depends if you need 2.5D or 3D
continental Microwave and Tool Co. may be able to help.
Instruments are normally grounded to Earth by the third (ground) wire in the AC mains power cord. Maybe your lab's AC wall outlets are wired incorrectly. Maybe your instruments' AC cords are of incorrect type for your country (such as plugging a continental Europe AC cord into a Denmark wall outlet). Maybe somebody deliberately defeated the safe