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I have 3D polar plot graph for my can I transform the graph to see it as a contour graph in HFSS? The graph axis should be like below: y-axis = elevation x-axis = azimuth Please help. Thank you.
In ADS you can plot final return losses S11 or S22 on smith chart ,but not the contour as you do by hand. To study, you add matching sections one by one and see how marker moves as you go along and moves towards the center of chart ,the 50 ohm point.
Hi everybody I have a dataset of points (XYZ as the coordinates) and V as the value at each point. (Each of the above 4 data (X,Y,Z,V) are vectors e.g. 1x1000 vectors.) I've plotted the 3D surface using patch command. (by the use of faces & vertices) Now here goes the problem : How can I plot the contour lines of V (NOT Z)
I am doing some simulation for a coplanar waveguide. After CST finished the calculation, I use the plot tool in CST to give me contour plot of the Abs value of the H field. To my surprise, if I plot field on the z=10 plane the plot shows the field range is from 200-1500A/m, but if I plot on (...)
Hello Guys i have these data, and i would you to guide me to plot a contour map please. X Y Z 102.976658 3.166745 17.7585082
I want to add more items loadpull on an old graph, which already have gain contour. But I find I can't accomplish it. Who can tell me where can I find the related documents telling how to to do it? I have added the needed measurement item, but still can't plot its load pull contour.
Do you mean 2D contour plots overlaid or overlay of X-Y graph like an Id vs Vd at various Vgs?
If you draw a dummy plane in HFSS, then you should be able to view a contour plot of the field on that surface using HFSS GUI. To create a surface plot as requested by you, (I think) it requires exporting the mesh and field, which is not that easy.
hi anybody having the idea of how to place the populations from genetic algorithm in a contour plot in matlab
pl, help me to plot the contineous wavelet transform for heart sound signal in matlab and contour plot of the same signal and conversion of scale to frequency friends help me out form this
Far-field in CST: 3-D plot gives you the contour in three dimensions (by default, the maximum field/power is shown in red). For better understanding, you can include the structure along with the far-field (just right click on the 3-D pattern, plot properties -> show structure). you can also see the polar plot by cutting (...)
what do you mean by "with a scale of grey"? I suppose you want to plot a surface or contour plot with the "grey" color-map. then you should take a look at the following functions at the MATLAB help: meshgrid,contour, mesh, colormap
Mapping spherical antenna patterns to 2D contour plots -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm fighting, trying to take 3D spherical antenna pattern data and plot it to a 2D contour plot. I can do the everyday spherical transformation map to a x-y (...)
I'm fighting, trying to take 3D spherical antenna pattern data and plot it to a 2D contour plot. I can do the everyday spherical transformation map to a x-y plot, but the contours are funny and not lining up so like a tradition contour map.... I need the projection equations... Any (...)
I have plotted a contour plot on a surface in HFSS (v9.2). How do I export this plot to a text or Excel file? I want contour value as a function of the coordinates. Thanks.
I simulated wave propagation in a rectangular waveguide in HFSS. For postprocessing, I would like to know how to get view of a contour (or vector) plot on a chosen plane in the waveguide. I just want to see the vector plot on a plane inside the waveguide and not inside the whole waveguide. Thanks.