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Hi everyone, I would thoroughly appreciate if you guys could point me any kind of surveys on dc-dc control schemes/techniques or maybe papers that talk abou the different types of control techniques. Regards.
Anyone knows what suitable constant current LED driver to use to control LED CCT for tunable white light application?
Hello, The attached is the mains input voltage and current waveforms of a 67W, Offline Flyback converter that has no big smoothing capacitor after its mains rectifier. The flyback operates in constant off time mode. As you can see the power factor is overall better than an offline SMPS using a big smoothing capacitor after the mains rectifier. I
can any one help me out for Vf=7 volt I=10 to 20mA (variable) constant current control circuit for UV LED 134762
hi, I want implement a constant current source with PWM control. 10mA is required at a load 1Kohm. The PWM should turn ON and OFF the load . The PWM frequency is 100Hz to 1KHZ with duty cycle of 10% to 80%. Regards
Hi can anyone help me to make work the constant current circuit with TL494 Half bridge config , constant Voltage is working , in constant current mode even the the ic can control the current the wave form is oscillating in sawtooth shape at 50hz to 100hz in some range (...)
Hi, I am using dspic30f5011 controller and I can generate PWM wave by using output capture compare module.Now,I want to control the 4-wire bipolar stepper motor with PWM i.e, rotation speed.So,what driver I have to use? Thanks and Regards, M SAI KIRAN.
I have 6 LEDs in my board connected to the GPIO pins of the MCU. I want to design a circuit for constant current control with supply current in uA(when all LEDs are OFF) The question appears to be incorrect, or perhaps unclear. Are you meaning you want to control the driven current of 6 (...)
Hi. Recently I saw a control circuit of Automatic voltage stabiliser which uses Nuvoton W79E251 MCU. On scrutiny of datasheet, it is noticed that the said MCU has no ADC module. No external ADC chip has been used in the circuit. Yet the 7-segment display shows the voltage perfectly. Sample of output voltage is coupled only to analogue comparator mo
Hi am using unipolar stepper motor by using 4 NMOS chip each source connected to ground and each drain connected to corresponding coil and gate from Microcontroller .and common connected to 12v . i dont know the rated current /voltage of this motor , but i measured the coil resistance [common to A pole 2E and A to -A is 4E like in B side also same
Ok. But You see a problem in reference voltage peak-to-peak variation across temperature or only reference value across corners? If second case, I'm not sure if You are able to overcame it without trimming - opamp replicate one VGS to other with the same threshold variation (which from ff to ss could be quite high and independent to designer), so r
constant voltage = the PSU tries to maintain the voltage you set with the voltage knob constant current = the voltage is adjusted to try to maintain the current you set with the current knob. In constant voltage mode, the current knob normally works as a (...)
I have found that the human eye responds nonlinearly to color brightnesses and the response is different for each color. OK, neve mind that. There are multiple single color LEDs on the board and also some RGB LEDs. In order to get uniform brightness on the single color ones, is it sufficient to connect the same (value & tolerance) resistor to al
Rs has no meaning for L298 itself. It will be used in constant current control, e.g. in combination with L297. Read the datasheet. The Rs resistance values value has two implications: - power dissipation I?Rs - suitable input voltage range of the current comparator in L297 or similar circuit
Description Primary current voltage: ?40V~?50V/7A Secondary current voltage: ?20V/1.5A Output power: 660W Dimension(L*W*H): 210*110*65mm Application: amplifier, instrument, meter, communication, industry control, DC machine driver and other places with DC constant voltage. Input voltage range: AC160V-270V Vp-p: (...)
I want to control single Phase AC 2-wire system's power (common household power) while keeping the terminal voltage intention is to utilize PWM output of my microcontroller to control the electrical energy supplied in a household. Please suggest some strategy or anyone already done this earlier. Thanks in advance.
You will want to specify the Voltage and current of the LEDs and power source available to amplify the signal. and drive the LED current to control brightness. 12-24V is a wide range. Do you mean 12~14V? Do they have electronics included for fixed power?
A better Bang for the Buck (intended pun) is to design a low voltage drop linear regulator after the buck SMPS which maintains the constant low voltage drop, while the linear regulator minimizes the ripple and has the benefit of current limit control down zero with wide BW ripple rejection and low step-load regulation error. In the old days (...)
A straightforward control scheme for the switched mode pre-regulator maintains constant voltage difference across the linear regulator. The topology has the advantage that it works independent of a particular setpoint, also tracks transistions between constant voltage and constant current etc.
If you can give some ideas about how we can do this design, it will be great. Here's a relatively simple laser diode driver circuit with photo diode control: