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Yes, I see that multilevel signal is switched-off by connecting the voltage divider in a non-standard way. So you get pure digital signals at the LCD driver pins that can be used for LED matrix control. But it's not excactly clear how you connected the hd44780 to your circuit.
change the value of potentiometer which you've used to control the contrast level of LCD.
You failed to mention which specific language you wish to use to develop the program. I would recommend the project into two steps: 1. Develop a library of routines for the LCD which I believe is hd44780 compatible. Appnote AN587 - Interfacing PICmicro? MCUs to an LCD Module[
For driving motor you can build discrete H-bridge (which is general way to control DC motor rotation direction) or use some integrated bridge like L298, LMD18201 or similar. For buttons see any microcontroller related tutorial, this is the most basic thing ever. As for LCD, if is has hd44780 compatible controller (which i'm (...)
check your installation part of LCD, post your installation code, check the contrast control at pin 3 ( here not the issue for 8 digit)
Hey All , One simple question , I'm using hd44780 lcd 4 line , I did control the LCD , and but i couldn't understand from the websites how can i display for example "A" at the 4 lines , how can i do that please ? and if there is an c code example would be great , cuz to understand better need some example , ?? thanks alot .
I am using MPLAB v8.10 and am trying to innitialise an LCD display and write something to it just to prove I have control pf it via the pic in 8 bit mode. It will bviously be part of a larger program eventualy and I have also written the program for A/D as shown. At the moment nothing appears on the LCD and I can see where in the program I hae gon
Before initializing the LCD, you have to wait about 100 mSec after power ON, in order to allow the hd44780 controller to wakeup and gain the LCD system control. The accurate time to wait after Power ON can be obtained easily from the hd44780 datasheet. I can attach it for you if u wish. Yours,
How to control a hd44780-based Character-LCD with a PIC, another nice article. Enjoy Tornado