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You mention a toggle switch. Can you confirm the same switch provides power to the heated seat? Or does it go to a relay, and the relay provides power? To heat the seat is likely to require an amp or two. If the toggle switch goes to a relay then you don't need to add your own relay. The connection you add will need to cooperate with the existin
I want to clarify something that I read on the internet. "FETs degrades if used as a D.C blocker." Is it a valid statement? Does it also mean that MOSFETs also degrade if used as a switch to control D.C current? I don't believe it but just wanted to clarify it.
78683 To control 0.5 HP motor i did this circuit . Using PCB relay , 555 is getting heated up sometimes and relay switching abruptly. Is this Circuit correct ?
I would like to have help regarding ideas to control temperature of sea water but the requirement is that the sea water should not get boil of that is there should be no production of bubbles when the sea water is used as a cooling medium. thank you
Hi, My Dimplex EPX Panel heater comes on when requested but is more like pulsating/cycling as it heats including the heat light....... I know this is down to the electronic control panel px08014 but can anyone give there ideas to the part on the control that may be causing it....... I have changed (...)
Almost a forward type computer psu consist of UC3842. Can you explain CC/CV features? As i know a smps charger have features of charging adjust and float (output ) volts control. Float voltage means 13.5v to 14v for wet lead acid battery and 13.8v to 14.4v for VRLA(dry type) battery. And initial charging current for wet battery(discharged) shou
I am a little confused when should i use heat sink or not using it. For example if i want to design power amplifier or control servo motor and i use power transistor, and if transistor runs at IC = 1 A and VCE=10 V the power dissipation = 10 W . So how to know if that transistor needs heat sink or not ? i need an example and steps to know (...)
My opinion for this job, that is best to decrese voltage on primary side, and adjust with this voltage on secundar to requirements. Other solutions will have huge amount of heat and dissipation, in other words waste of power, and unsafe device. Search circuits on net for drill speed control with triacs, or motor speed controls. (...)
I want to heat nichrome wire to build a little SMD oven and control it using a triac controlled with a microcontroller using PID. I scoured the internet looking for triac examples and they all varied. Can someone please check over my schematic and parts layout for any glaring errors? I tested the schematic on a (...)
Sir. I checked the device again.There is a control system inside the device but it controls only the heater and not the fan which rotates to spread the when the power is gone and inverter takes charge square wave comes to the device instead of sine wave.When the temperature exceeds 37 C (desired temperature),heater goes off (...)
Assumptions: control of compressor and circulation pumps acting as pump protection reading and processing the temperatures that are necessary for the operation of the pump and addition
Maybe you can control it by adding PWM(pulse width modulation).
A lot of power. You need strong fuses. Guess you have solved how to distribute heat evenly as that else can be a problem. Do not see any need for continuously variable heating regulation as the system will react slow. I had built regulation circuit in a box with DIN rails as most of the stuff you need probably is prepared for this. Connect each he
Induction cooktops heat food more evenly by turning the cookware into the source of the heat. They also feature tight, precise temperature control and the capacity for very low temperature settings. Although we can't say for sure that you'll be able to throw away your double boiler or thermal circulator. An induction cooktop can do all of (...)
There is a temperature sensor on the motherboard which senses CPU heat and there is a fan controller on motherboard which adjusts PWM duty cycle that goes to fan to change the fan speed depending on temperature.
xeratule, 1. Is this transformer built to operate in your intended frequency? 2. Is it possible for you to make an electrical model and simulate this? I am thinking you may have to look at the problem from control Engineering persepctive to tackle oscillations. 3. Did the IGBT datasheet highlight any suggestions or recommendations when use
I assume no oven can control the temp this good. How can someone claim the DCXO is monotonic by testing, if drift caused by temp change is much greater than ppm/step? You can at least for short time by adding sufficient heat capacity to the oscillator enclosure and put a thermal insulation arround it. I even assume, that you can bui
Hi all, I know this question is not new in this board. But I could not find the correct solution. Q. Can we applied PWM signal to MOC(any non-zero cross).The other side of the MOC is connected to a AC heater, how much AC voltage is not the concern? Basically the idea is to control the heater heat level. Thanks
probably was the heat of the solder gun if you did this by hand. - i would change R1 and R4 to 5K. just helps turn off faster when you suddenly lose control voltage. - C4 should be film type cap, definitely not electrolytic. you need a cap that can discharge fast, charge fast, and have little internal impedance. - J4, looks like you intended
Hi :idea: I want to build equipments of a laboratory. can you help or suggest to me for start? the laboratory is "linear control laboratory" for example "Process heat "/ "Dc motor" / PID regard