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Yea, use phase controller. About your diagram, it's quite unclear. But you shouldn't be using resistance to control speed, bad idea. He's not wrong, do the basic maths for the power dissipation of the resistors. It'll be huge, = big resistors = expensive + lots of heat. What kind of AC motor is this? Power requirem
Of course you need to know the continuous running amps and the peak starting amps. DC motor speed controls use a Pulse-Width-Modulation (PWM) speed control circuit instead of a huge expensive pot. Then the motor has plenty of torque. Soldering a resistor beween the motor contacts will heat the resistor and will not affect the speed of (...)
A FET is used in a Wien Bridge sine-wave oscillator to make its output level constant. The FET is an automatic level control. Is your inverter using a sine-wave driving an amplifier? Then it wastes a lot of power making heat. A modified sine-wave inverter (actually it is a modified square-wave) and a PWM pure sine-wave inverter rectifies its
I suspect that this is a sensor for detecting body heat. The TSOP1738 is used for remote control operations, I believe. Since there is no concentrated IR source to detect, I wonder if the TSOP device would be useful. These simple detectors are really just monitoring the entire heat distribution of the area they can see. They react to (...)
Excessive heating of transformer typically indicates DC input voltage applied. You may want to check with a multimeter. This happens easily by incorrect phase control operation with inductive load. Triac re-ignition (typically occuring at one half wave only) due to voltage transients is another possible cause. Basically, you can't "Bring V and
Hi You can find out this problem in the book "Microcontroller based temperature monitoring and control" of the author Dogan Ibrahim Muoinhohn
I would not use the dc regulator that you have chosen to provide that sort of current . You realy need to use a pulse of current with the duration of the pulse verying that way you will get the best control with little heat generated in your control circuit. The same method i described is used in hand held electric drills . You can hear (...)
I barely know what word "programming" means. I know what it is about... that i can control computer to get result i want to get. I also know that this calms much. So what part of it i need mostly to be good at want i learn, automatics (heat, hyd. and industrial) What to start with and so on ... e books ...
Once again its the time of year when I plant seeds for my allotment. I already have a heated propagator, but this delivers direct heat, through the soil, without any temperature control. Would like to improve the setup by introducing temperature control of the propagator environment. Any ideas on the best way of approaching (...)
Circa 1990 60Hz control of weld heat and wire feed speed.
Hi everybody! I would like to get this circuit. Lead Acid Battery Charger For 70Ah Battery ~ 180 Ah Battery. With current and heat control system. Can you help me, Please? Zaw
Ground and power planes in high-speed digital systems perform three critical functions: 1- Provide stable reference voltages for exchanging digital signals 2-Distribute power to all logic devices 3-control crosstalk between signals. For more information,please refer to chapter 5 of "High Speed Digital Design (Johnson & Graham)". Hope it h
Hi, I use countdown timer (4 digit) with pic16f84a for control heat element ( on heat element I put 220V AC via reley until timer coundown), but I have one problem. Everiting is fine when timer show 0000 after that heat element is off. When I press start timer button again on display show predefined time and Problem is (...)
Integral method has advantage that brings error to 0 value, while just proportional control will stabilize with error value depending on the gain of the system. If you try to reduce this error by increasing gain you will get unstable system prone to oscillation, and if you try to offset it, offest value would have to be input level dependant. -Th
hie Im asking for the advantages of integral cycle heat control method. help!!!!
hi ravi these days m also working on the same project of heater control i need to ask u two questions 1. is this the integral part of pid control method? 2.if yes, the how to control proportional and derevative part of PID thru software for heater control. please help me (...)
Hi all, I have recently found an oil filled radiator lying in my garage and wish to use it to heat up a room. However, this radiator is very old and does not come with a thermostat. It will be brilliant if anyone on this board can advice me on how to build an electronic temperature control which I can plug into the wall power socket to turn the
Hi, Anyone can tell/teach me how to switch the AC signal to control logic signal (+5V)? Please can you show me the design connection..... Bellow i am showing the logic signal to control the AC signal... Thanks...
when you use inverter circuit feedback to AC line, the load of DC is nothing, since it parallels supply power with mains. In this way, you can't control the load. You have to burn that energy to heat or something else. That is electronic load.
I have a simple trigger circuit for light dimer. Mi problem is for control transformer. The circuit have a high level of dc and heat the transformer.