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It is hard to beat automatic control systems by benjamin kuo. If you are having trouble understanding, you can do the schaums feedback and control systems book--lots of worked out examples.
Hello guys, I have looked around for a book on control systems and I have stopped at the following 4: 1) Automatic control systems (Benjamin Kuo) 2) control systems Engineering (Nise) 3) Modern control systems (Bishop & Dorf) 4) (...)
To just refresh your memory, it is hard to beat Schaum's outline on feedback and control systems! Also agree, it is hard to knock a classic like Kuo! If you have access to matlab or mathcad, you can fool around with the control systems libraries.
Hi, I am looking solution manual for following book, pease if any one knows link, please help me instrumentation and control systems w bolton
Please tell me why there is second derivative with Mass "m" and First Derivative with Damper "b" book : Modern control Engineering Writer: Ogata Edition: 4th Chapter: 3rd Topic: Mechanical systems Added after 58 seconds: Equation mx^2+yx^1+kx=U
Hi adnan012 ! Probably the best book about control theory is Dorf, Bishop : Modern control Engineering, 11th Ed. .
Hi, I am looking for the solution of this book Digital control systems Second Edition by Benjamin C. Kuo Is there anyone can help me? thanks!
?where signal and system use except communication and control sys?
I think that the book Analog and Digital control system design by Chi Tsong Chen is good starting point
Is there anybody who has the e-book "Feedback control Of Dynamic systems :!: "? please help me ! thanks very much!!!!!!!!!!!! my emai address is
hi all plz i need the following book as soon as posible 1. Impact of Imperfect Power control and Channel Estimation on the Performance of Multiuser Detectors in Synchronous DS-CDMA System 2. Contemporary Communication systems Using MATLAB for Proakis thanks alot plz help me
Any book on "Circuits and systems" would help. Try searching this forum in books section using this keywords. Also "control systems design" or any Automatic Regulation Theory books would do.
Time-triggered Patterns for Time-Triggered Embedded systems is a book by John M. Pont. It considers several patterns (designs) of Time-Triggered Embedded systems. (as opposed to event-triggered) is a control paradigm whereby a large real-time application is decomposed into nearly autonomous time clusters. An (...)
plz sugesset me a good book for control systems
Try to get this book: Using MATLAB, SIMULINK and control System Toolbox, by Alberto Cavallo et al., Prentice Hall
Hi, i need some material regarding the control systems of solar thermal power generation process. any paper, book, website etc. thanks sawaak
Hi, Does anybody know anywhere to download this book: Fuzzy Model Identification for control (systems & control: Foundations & Applications) (Kindle Edition) by Janos Abonyi Thanks.
Hi, My name is Chirag Bhatt and I am doing master in control system ,Please can any one give me the link to download the Solution manual(instructor manual) of book Name: Digital control and State variable Methods(conventional and neuro-fuggy control systems) Author name: M.Gopal Editon :second.(2003)
Dear all... Im looking for the following book and hope any one help me for it.... (control and Automation Electrical power distribution systems) by James Northcote-Green, Robert Wilson. Thank you
Any good book on non linear systems is required.