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Respected Experts I am a PhD Student in Aerospace engineering with research on control systems. However, I am stuck in an Image Processing task for my PhD Topic. I have to perform Multi-core Graphical Processing Unit (GPU) based "Ground Moving Target Indication (GMTI) using Single Channel Syntetic Aperture Radar. The technique which I am (...)
ome universities keep this subject in their MTech program. It is mandatory in Robotic & Mechatronic to study control system but I would like to know if there is no mechanical load, actuators etc, then study control systems or Not ?? M.Tech Embedded S
I am an undergraduate student interested in Embedded systems. There is a course on LabVIEW offered in my university titled LabVIEW for Engineers;its contents are Topics Covered: LabVIEW Basics oIntroduction to Model Based Design oExploring LabVIEW Environment oCreating, Editing And Debugging Models oModular Programming oDesigning
Hello. i am an undergraduate student of electrical engineering. i m currently trying to decide a final year project for myself. my interest are in control systems and i want microcontroller as its integral part. can u guys suggest some nice ideas that might be practically useful as well. thanks in advance
Design control systems in matlab and other software today its very easy, get for example the transfer function of a circuit , then optimize it,... its kinda easy these days,... what I'm looking for,... its a easy way , once I have my electronic system, mathematically speaking - get the design of the real circuit with its devices like loads, cap
Hello guys, I have looked around for a book on control systems and I have stopped at the following 4: 1) Automatic control systems (Benjamin Kuo) 2) control systems engineering (Nise) 3) Modern control systems (Bishop & Dorf) 4) (...)
i need some help on understanding control engineering(i am to do a research project on control engg)...can someone please provide me with links where i can find some journals or recognized publications about control systems and engineering...... What about searching by yourself? Did you (...)
What is the use of Nyquist plots and other plots that I study in control systems engineering? It is full of graphs and everything. I would appreciate it if I could know the uses and applications of these. Thanks in advance.:-D:-D
Please tell me why there is second derivative with Mass "m" and First Derivative with Damper "b" Book : Modern control engineering Writer: Ogata Edition: 4th Chapter: 3rd Topic: Mechanical systems Added after 58 seconds: Equation mx^2+yx^1+kx=U
Hi adnan012 ! Probably the best book about control theory is Dorf, Bishop : Modern control engineering, 11th Ed. .
hey, I just wanted to get a suggestion from u I'm workin now in a petroleum owner company as an instruments engineer (control field job). The problem is that I really like working in analog and RF electronic engineering field. Also, I've graduated for 3 years. I'm afraid of completely changing my career, and I wonder if it's too late to make this
System-level simulation for continuous-time delta-sigma modulator in MATLAB SIMULINK Matthew Webb, Hua Tang November 2006 CSECS'06: Proceedings of the 5th WSEAS International Conference on Circuits, systems, Electronics, control & Signal Processing Publisher: World Scientific and engineering Academy and Society (WSEAS)
Pls, I need a control systems handbook or better still a comprehensive handbook of electrical and electronics engineering. Thanks in advance
The following text was copied from control systems engineering by Norman S. Nise (2nd edition). During the design process, the engineer may want to consider the extent to which changes in system parameters affect the behavior of a system. Ideally, parameter changes due to heat or other causes should not appreciably affect a system's perfo
Hi qaseemali ! Chapters about mathematical modelling you will find in every good book about linear systems or control engineering. For first try look at link for book of: Ogata - Modern controll engineering at . Enjoy !
Can anyone help me get these papers? 1.) A systematic comparison of identification techniques used in industrial systems of autotuning - Scali, C. Curini (Department of Chemical engineering, CPCLab, University of Pisa) 2.) Developments in industrial applications of self-tuning control - Burnham, K.J. (Coventry University); Disdell (...)
I am supposed to give an interview related to DSP and control systems field.since this is my first interview therefore Plz send some questions and important documents related to these topics. Books for the course DSP by Proakis Automatic control systems by B.C. Kuo Linear control sytems by D'Azzo (...)
Features Of Dictionary: ? Has been extensively revised, with 9000 entries encompassing the language of engineering ? Includes synonyms, acronyms, and abbreviations ? Provides pronunciations for all terms ? Covers such topics as building construction, chemical engineering, civil engineering, control (...)
The term electrical engineering may or may not encompass electronic engineering. Where a distinction is made, electrical engineering is considered to deal with the problems associated with large-scale electrical systems such as power transmission and motor control, whereas electronic (...)
Dear all, Anyone could explain to myself what's the meaning of Percentage Overshoot in control engineering System. Hope to hear from you all soon. Thanks & best regards, Sie Kiam