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Hi, I need a c code for testing the full functionality of my Risc-based microcontroller designed through Verilog HDL. Apparently i need to write a c code which totally occupies the RAM and uses whole general Instruction Sets of PIC16f8X mirocontrollers. I wonder if ANYONE could help me out.
It was a long time since I last posted a build-video here on the forum. Just finished a video of one of my earlier projects. This is of a one handed transmitter that controls a quadcopter. All the code and schematics are linked in the video description. I hope you enjoy
which controller and gsm you are using.just read the data from GPS and append that data to with your previous done sms programming.for help in code place your code here.
read complete below thread to get best start using micro controller.
Which micro controller? There are many uCs available. We don't your university is working on what type of controller. Be specific.
Friends Please anybody help How to set configuration bits for SMS controller (ATMEGA 8L) LINK : 100942
Dear friends Please suggest me some topics which are suitable to give for final year electrical engineering students, these projects are based on PLC (Programmable logic controller ) I would appropriate any kind of help for moredetails about the PLC, I have Allen Bradley and Delta best Regards
Hi! I'm a total newbie when it comes to microcontrollers and servo motors. I need codes for a PIC16F877A microcontroller to control the sweep of a servo motor by 90, 180, 270 and 360 degrees and back. Unfortunately most of the codes in the internet are in C language, and we are required to use ASSEMBLY Language for our program. In addition to
Hi your1click, There is many projects based on timers, see some of them : Clock controller v1.1 89C2051 Programmable Relay Timers (AVR) ATMega16 Circuits are in PDF manuals
Hi, 1.Vision-based Automated Parking System 2.Simulation of Earthquakes and Tsunami Through GSM Network 3.Design of Intelligent Traffic Light controller Using GSM & Embedded System 4.Design and Implementation of Pyroelectric Infrared Sensor based Security System 5.Touch Screen based Robot Control with Speech Alert 6.Single (...)
i need a mini project of low cost on embedded feild....based on micro controller 8051.....since i have learned it earlier
Hi, In any Micro controller based projects, Where we place the oscillator circuits in PCB? Whether we need to place close to controller or Isolate from it? Anyone have microcontroller based PCB guidelines?
hi... Can anyone plz suggest me best simulation software which can simulate microcontroller based circuits?
Hi, I need a circuit for dc motor speed control using pic microcontroller. If anybody having the circuit pls help me Mohana
Hi all, There are many ways to implement a generic IO controller which is configurable from a PC software. But there are a few ways to do this in a smart way. Where can I find such high quality projects with source code available (written in C / C++) ? The target will be an Cortex based MCU. The code you suggest may be written for any (...)
You will need a can tranceiver to interface to the can bus. Microchip do one, the MCP2551. If th e AVR micro has an onboard CAN module, well and good, otherwise you can use the Microchip MCP2515 Can controller that has a SPI interface to the Micro. NXP also do Can transceivers.
Make a seven segment based Digital clock using 8051 micro-controller. Very basic project but good learning is involved. Also you can get extensive help from internet on this topic.
hi i am looking for looking for java based device controller software via bluetooth and my microcontroller used is 89c51 and that software shud work in samsung lg,nokia ,motorola
Hi I am working on GPS/SMS based vehicle tracking system using XAG49 (micro-controller). confuse with UART0 and UART1? i am going to connect GPS to pin1.4 n pin1.5 is it UART1? i try to work on this UART1 with 4800 baud-rate i calculate the values of TH1=0xff and TL1=0xdc are they correct? Now how to receive data from GPS using C code? I am us
hi, i am using teensy micro controller in my project based on DTMF can any body please guide about the pins configuration in teensy and to manage its pin in comparison with any other micro controller Regards