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What kind of errors are you getting? Is it a syntax error or is it a problem like convergence error? If you can post your errors (typically found in your *.out file), I might be able to help out. There are two things that I see but I don't know if they are the problem without seeing your *out file. (...)
This is convergence problem. Try to set option "GMINDC" to larger value between 1e-4 to 1e-12. Default value is 1e12. If this cannot solve, try to find convergence part in Hspice manual
Dear abhi_kolkata: Try forcing HFSS to take more adaptive passes. Sometimes it shows error convergence when error convergence has not really been achieved. Sometimes, you get two adaptive passes that happen to have about the same amount of error, which can fool the convergence criteria (...)
This is a convergence problem. Maybe you have some high impedance node in your circuit.
that is a classic problem with pspice! it is what makes the software so much headache. play with the simulation settings of tolerance accuracy etc. when convergence error occurs try to determine if it was current or voltage error then decrease the accuracy, or increase accuracy in simulation settings. it gets so anoying, i wish there as (...)
What kind of circuit do you have into this 500+simulation because varios convergence problem can be linked with diffent circuit types and what is specific convergence error message that you get from USIM?
hi itaifrenkel posted a message below. it would help: HFSS using convergence in order to get an accurate solution. After creating an initial mesh it starts doing adaptive passes until the desired error residual is achieved. In each stage it refines the mesh and resolves the problem. The resulting S-Matrix is compared to the previous one. The ma
Cadence supports only RH 7.2 and RH7.3 I have used IC5.033.+USR1 and obtained a result in 0.68sec. There is no convergence problems.
Hello, I am trying to simulate a flyback switch mode power supply. i have ONLY the PWM controller chip UC1844A and associated circuitry. i try to first see this device switching, 50% duty cycle. then, when that works, i move on to model rest of circuit. but i can not get UC1844A to simulate at all without causing convergence errors!! ha