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Hi, generate netlist like that tools-->create netlist-->others-->in that select orprotel2.dll from for-matters (before that you need fill the protel PCB footprint ) - - - Updated - - - if you convert schematic from orcad to protel i have not any idea about netlist
Hi all! Is there any chance to convert schematics, pcb-layouts and if necessary the libraries from the old 32bit orcad386 to a newer program like protel99SE and/or PADS Flow? I own all these programs, and want to update my old orcad schematics and layouts. It would be very nice if anyone knew an answer! I did very much (...)
Does anyone know how can I convert a protel PCB library into an orcad one? Thank you in advance. Check elgris at They might have a tool or service to do it.
I can convert it for you to PCad or Auto Cad
Hi, Anybody knows the procedure or the steps to convert layout files of Eagle to orcad 16.2 Layout? Kindly let me know. try to export to protel pcb, then import to orcad.
COULD ANYBODY HELP ME OUT FOR converting @ltium (P*otel) *.PCB/DDB/PCBDOC to orcad *.MAX In Altium save as protel PCB v2.8, then import in orcad Layout.
eagle can export P*otel/unidat... ascii files. then we can translate these files to the format you want. This could be very useful. What software can convert P*otel/unidat ascii files into orcad (aside from protel/Altuim, I guess)?
i love altium DXP. i have faithfully used it for a long time now. but all the libraries for the parts i WANT to use are in eagle!! does anyone know of a utility to convert eagle to altium protel format? that would be a nice xmas present!! i can import orcad... how about an eagle to orcad? i need dsPIC (...)
Altium Designer imports orcad schematics directlly. Use File>Import Wizard, and select orcad .DSN file type. Once you've imported the schematic, you can load the netlist directly into the PCB. To import just a netlist, you first have to convert it into Tango or protel format. To accomplish that you would need to either (...)
hi i want to convert my altium pcb files to allegro board files. someone said i have to do it like this: -save as protel ascii2.8 -import in orcad layout+ then save as orcad layout .max file -convert max to brd when i try to import in layout+, it starts, but then stops without any message. but if (...)
Colleagues, If aynone has an orcad schematic symbol for Xilinx XCR3064XL (CoolRunner XPLA3 family), could you upload it? Cheers, Nick Added after 4 hours 17 minutes: P.S. It should be possible to convert the protel library into orcad library. Unfortunately, I don't have protel.
hi. is there any chance to convert a multisim schematic to any other schematic format? to orcad .dsn, to protel .schdoc, or to any?
Can anybody say a convert tool to convert Eagle schematics, layouts... to any other PCB format ( orcad, pads, protel....). And I also need a convert tool to convert protel and pads projects to eagle.
You cannot load an orcad netlist into DXP2004. You first must convert the orcad netlist into protel or Tango format. You can do this either manually in a text editor, or by use of a software tool such as RSI Omninet. Once you have the netlist in protel format, you use the method described in:
U need to convert your shcematic into .TPR netlist and then Use SPR tool in L-edit to convert schematic into layout. regards, kumar
convert it to orcad format.pads can read it directiy
I tried to convert a protel PCB to orcad max file, using orcad layout. It says that file is created but when we open the file, there is no content. Have any body done this conversion. Please comment. thank you
protel DXP 2004 have latest FPGA schematic symbol. maybe convert to orcad.
hi, Is there any tool which can convert the library files of orcad to design capture? like E-Studio which can be used for conversion between EDIF; EdaXML; Cadence orcad Capture; Viewlogic ViewDraw Databases; XDB binary format; Mentor Design Architect; Spice Netlist; Verilog; VHDL; ConceptHDL; Cohesion. Binu G
Hi. I need to convert files with .job extension (I think them where created with SofistiCAD (Germany CAD program)) in files readable from orcad or protel. These files are old schematics or PCBs. Anyone has any ideas ? Thanks :cry: