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Hi, i want to convert 4 to 20mA into 0-3.3 v range. I know about RCV420. but it needs negative supply. Anyone knows any ICS, which is converting the current into voltage other than RCV420? Thanks in Advance Akhil francis
You can have look at the basic working theory @ Its implemented for LPC2148 but the underlying working is the same. You need to generate or use a hardcoded sine lookup table which feeds values to your PWM block and at the PWM output use a filter which acts a D
You have to convert the 1k || -j284 circuit to an equivalent series circuit by applying basic complex arithmetic. (convert impedance to admittance, add it, convert back to impedance).
I want to convert the -0.5 volt to 20 volt. I thought that the transistor could be used to capture 20 volt if i supplied it with the same value. - - - Updated - - - Hi, give +0.5V to the emitter of the BJT. And use a current liitng resistor at the base (10k?) Klaus I want t
Hello, i open the LNB and found this chip on PCB the LNB convert the high Freq 10Ghz to IF 1GHZ what is the use of chip and how this lnb work znbg3211 130021
I have a circuit set up as differential input with op-amps running of a -/+5V supply, this is so it can measure current flow in either direction it boosts the voltage from 0-60mV to 0-3.73V and the other part converts the signal to a positive voltage regardless current flowing in and out. This is working very good but I would like to a - sign when
A charge pump has a DC-powered oscillator that produces an AC voltage. Then it charges a capacitor to near the peak voltage of the AC. Then on the next AC cycle it charges another capacitor and adds its voltage to the voltage of the first capacitor. A charge pump can also convert a positive voltage to a negative voltage using its oscillator, some d
HI, I have a 14-bit data that is fed from FPGA in vhdl, The NIos II processor reads the 14-bit data from FPGA and do some processing tasks, where Nios II system is programmed in C code The 14-bit data can be positive, zero or negative. In Altera compiler, I can only define the data to be 8,16 or 32
Dear All, We are using the CT(attached in the image) for current measurement. The output of the CT is 50mA for 100A rating. I had attached our circuit to read from sensor also. We are using PIC18 series controller to convert and handle the analog values. I'm able to calibrate it to all equipment and getting a value similar to other measuring equ
Depending on power requirements, for low power, a Charge Pump and for high power a Cuk converter are two approaches.
do you have 2 problems? 1 - the value is wrong, as you say it is too small or negative 2 - the number notation is scientific There are a few values which should convert to non-zero integers - do they convert ok?
A 555 is triggered with a negative-going pulse to its pin 2. Use a transistor or logic inverter to convert your positive pulse to a negative-going pulse.
To convert a real number to signed fixed point, you multiply it with the scaling factor (2^16 in your case) and convert it to signed: sfix_16_16 := to_signed(to_integer(266.7244 * 2.0**16),32) Or use IEEE fixed point package that does the conversions for you.
Hi, I want to generate negative voltage from the positive input of Low Drop Out Regulator. How can I generate negative voltage? My LDO output is in the range of 0.4V to 1V. For my design, I need to convert the LDO's input to negative voltage to make sure that certain blocks are completely disabled. I am using Cadence (...)
No pins of 8051 can accept analog voltages. So you need an adc converter. If it is a matter of reading the applied voltage only, then why don't you rectify the supply. This way you can rule out the negative half cycle... Use a rectifier & a good filter, convert it in dc, read through adc, multiply by 44( if step down is 220v - 5v) & divide (...)
1) algebraically convert your transfer function so that all your z terms have negative exponents. then-->each z term represents a number of clock delays of it's input.
yes.. my circuit requires +12v and -12v connected to it.. 200mA will be enough for my circuit.. Everyone and their dog sell these days (3W) dc-dc mini-modules that can convert input voltage (5V, 12V, 9-18V, etc) to output (12V) @ 250mA ... The output is isolated so it can be added to the input voltage as negative
Do you need to convert 100V to -100V or do you want to generate as power supply capable of supplying both +100V and -100V?
I have a function generator that outputs a pulsed signal but it goes from -5 to +5V vpp. Any relatively simple method that can reference this from 0 to 5 V? Reference: I have a Marconi 2024 AM/FM SIGNAL GENERATOR
I'm not sure what exactly you mean? In order to convert a float to integer you truncate all the decimals so what's wrong with (long int)my_float ? If you want a round effect then use (unsigned int) (my_float+0.5) for positives. If the float can be negative too my_float >= 0 ? (long int)(my_float+0.5) : (long int)(my_float-0.5) Also in order
Hai dear all, Please tell me how to convert pulse wave into square wave. the pulse has 0 to 5 peak i want the out put has +5 and -5 peak to peak voltage NOTE:- Do not using -ve supply, only using pulse and +ve supply voltage. if you have any idea or circuit regarding this please sent me Than you Salim
Hi, Can i get a IC or simple circuit, which can convert negative voltage to positive voltage. my power requirement is to convert -10V to +5V,10mamp. Thanks Babesh.
Hi all, I need measure 16 channel 0-10V or 4-20mA. I use LTC1598 with VCC = 3V3 and Vref = 2V5 Now, i want convert be 0-2V. I have two ways to do this. You can see in the attached file But, i don't know a better way What are good OPAMP ? Thanks,
Hi, I am looking to convert a Pulse Train w/ both positive and negative pulses into a suitable form to be used by an FPGA board. I have to also keep track whether the pulse was positive or negative. Any help appreciated! Thanks If you could provide a diagram of what you are trying to capture, we migh
Once you have obtained a positive binary value... Count how many times you can subtract a power of ten. If your number is, say 3456, then subtract 1000. Each time you do, increment a counter. When you can't subtract 1000 any more, start subtracting 100. Start the next counter, incrementing each time. Etc. Until you reach 0. convert the store
how to convert signed to unsigned integer using mikroC?
Hello, i have simulated the design in HFSS and now for the fabrication purpose i have to make the negative of my design to make the pcb so i export the design to DXF design is converted into .dxf file but now i am not able to take its print out to make the negative. I am not able to convert it into jpg file with exact (...)
As the evolution of process, there does exit negative values in *.lib. Such as A->Y delay value, DFFs' D pin hold value. So, you may open some options when you use the command to convert *.lib the *.db. And you may need use an newer version of DC, such as after 2005.
Dear All, I need to convert signed/unsigned decimals to their equivalent signed binary values in Matlab.I had used 2 functions but they work for positive integers only i.e de2bi() and there any function that help me or I had to write my own routine for conversion. Regards,
Hi every one I want to convert negative integer number to std_logic_vector in xilinx fpga. I want to convert it in 16 bit. is it correct : vout <= conv_std_logic_vector(-32000,16); is it converting to std_logic_vector in 2`complement? Regards Arasg
hey , i have a code that quantize a sin wave to for example 7 bits each level, and the data for each level is a negative fraction like (-1.25), how i can convert such a number (-1.25) to binary number ? thnx
Hi, What is the voltage to be converted and what current you need out of it? Help depends on your reply.
Hi All , Please Suggest me both Integrated and discrete solution to convert -15V to 15V with output power requirement of 0.5W to 1W. Thanks & Regards !! V V
Hi, I have the following situation and am uncertain how to proceed: * Input voltage 0V to 5V (single ended signal) * Output voltage: differential output, 2V p-p I have a fully differential op amp that I believe is set up correctly (Rf = 400, Rg = 1k, Vocm = 2.5V, +5V rail and ground rail). If I input +2.5V to -2.5V I get exactly the co
hi every one can any tell me that how can i convert the frequency into the voltage by using the digital gates only.
For check if a transistor act at saturation mode is need to check if any nmos has Vds>Vgs-vt .For the pmos how to convert this equation? For transistors which are use as current mirror, the above equation have to be satisfied?
Look for the November and December 1986 issues of ETI .. There was a description of a heavy duty switching regulator (lm3524+power mosfets) that with some modifications could be used to convert 12V dc to 2V dc at very high amperage .. And the interesting thing about that design is that it is actually chopping the negative pole (positive earth s
Hi, chekc these links below, converting wav files into binary form using matlab matlab convertion from .wav to binary
in using 2's complement the -12 in binary is 11110100. but if i convert 11110100 to decimal using calculator gives me 244. So if i have the binary number 11110100 then how can i find that is it -12 or 244?
For example, "101" is a negative binary variable. How to convert it into decimal in matlab?
One way is to convert it to the floating point notation. Then you´ll have a mantissa (signed or not) and an exponent. convert the mantissas to positive numbers and keep tracking of the signals. Then you can multiply the mantissas and work on the exponents to get your result. Finally, calculate the final sign. Your results will be in the floating p
i dont think for any direct method . first you can convert it to pdf and change to negative mode with some editing software.
Dear All, The normal regulator only converts the positive voltage and their substrate is ground. Now I want to design a regulator, whose negative input voltage may exceed its negative substrate voltage. For example, its input voltage is from -10V to +10V, I would like to convert it to constant voltage -5V to +5V. But (...)
Hi, everyone. I am wondering whether you guys have any recommendations for negative DC power, convert -5V to -3V? Thanks.
Hi... Can any body help me on design the converter from negative(-48v) voltage to positive(48v) voltage. TQ
Yes, its possible. But this would lower down the 8-bit resolution. You leave ref/2 pin open, don't connect it. If I remember that PIN number correctly, in this you get range from 0-5V.You first takes the absolute value of -5V to +5V, so altogether difference of 10V, means if you give negative voltage, it must be get convert into positive value, if
we have our design and we are using sound wave files and we want to convert this files into a binary and we will using matlab. .for this,what is the matlab code of a negative value such as -0.0425?. . thank you!!. . .
I have a delta sigma adc (cs5532). I'm trying to convert the small signals i.e mVs into digital. It has a 5V supply and a 2.5V ref voltage which is at 2.490 or 2.495V and maintained by a low ppm low noise ref voltage ic. The ADc is in unipolar mode. So the negative values should be measured as zero and that is the case mostly. I'm getting some meas
Theorotical: convert S parameter in to Z parameters. Add XL that is inductance to Z parameters Again convert to S parameters. If your S11 is >1 means you have obtained negative resistance. You find the details about the explanations in following books You can tally this using S11 equation. (zin-zo/zin+zo) 1) Microwave transistor (...)
Hi Is dij a float value.convert to bit vector. A is signed 16 bit data so MSB represents sign value one for negative zero for positive. check for conditions based on this. 2^i is simple shift opeartion- left shift by i times. I hope this helps and further discussion welcome... regards, Vinod