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Hi guys, I'm having a ICP CON rs232 to rs485 converter. I dont know how to check whether it is working or not?. I've only one rs232 to rs485 converter and usb to serial converter. My rs232 to rs485 converter (...)
i m using usb to RS-232/485 to acquiring the Data..when i connect the converter to the PC it indicate the port number in Device manager.but when i am trying to connect it through moDbus poll it inDicates that "port not available".what is the reason for this issue?:?:
i am trying it cp2104 please help me
can anyone explain me about the RS 232 to RS 485 converter?advantage? circuit ?
Sir I have an output signal from the electrometer circuit which is in the range of 0 to +10V. It has to be sent to the ADAM-4017 analog input module, which is a 16-bit, 8 channel analog input module.Control and data sampling has to be done by an external personal computer via RS-485 to RS-232 converter interface. Software running on an (...)
Simple make RS485-RS232 converter. Use google, you can find a lot schematics. try: RS232<=>RS485<=>RS422 converters There you can find lots schematics for converter. Mr.Cube
hi i am using ma3485 with arm cortex processor (3.3 volt) for modbus communication. i connect A and B of max3483 to (icp con i-7520) 232 to 485 converter for debugging . i am simply sending the character 'A' through the uart and enable the DE . after a short delay i disable the DE pin ,but i was able to get only (...)
Hii, If you just want to communicate face to face between PC and micro you don't need rs-485 master slave communication. You can use usart communication. RS-485 very usefull for Master with multi slave configuration. Just use ic max 232 converter for usart communication ( googling for it). it' very simple. If you're (...)
Hi friends I need sematic cable dvx021 or simpl converter rs232 to rs485
Hi. Attached PDF file is RS-232 to RS-485/422 converter schematic. It can support RS-422 and RS-485 to change only two jumppers. And it used general devices. 75176 can be replaced max485, 65LBC184 etc. Regards, pjyc
User 232 to 485 converter:
realizes sensor-to-host signal acquisition for testing analog signal or remote applications. Software-configurable for a wide variety of sensor types, including: analog input, analog output, and digital I/O,ISO40xx series are widely used in RS-232/485 automation control system,temperature signal testing,small signal testing, Monitoring & Control, r
hello friends, I am developing a converter that convert RS-232 to RS-485 level and also i wanted communication between PC's using the same two converters( attached) but the problem with this converter is, it will transmit in only one direction what may be the problem. NOTE: all (...)
Try to connect bias resistors, as shown in this example (see J3 and J4): Regards, IanP
In the PTZ camera world the standard is called PELCO-D, or "Pelco-d protocol" .. Here you will find basic info on this protocol: Any PC with serial port (+ RS-232-to-RS-485 converter), or any microcontroller with the RS-485 interface can be programmed (PELCO-D
A hardware RS485 to RS232 converter will meet the requirement. Basically not uc will be required. Check one of my design: User manual: Web site: Product pictures: images.e
Of course you can use RS-485 .. Take a look at this simple RS-232-to-RS485 converter (without any need for the direction control): Just remember that each and every microcontroller must have unique address and that's all .. Regards, IanP
Dear All, Is there any ic converter whice convert rs 232 to rs 485 comminucitation.
I plan to build a universal interface converter. This project will consist of making a kit that would have various physical interfaces related to computer hardware, such as RS-232, RS-485, USB, firewire etc., at its input and output. At a time we could select any one of the interface combinations e.g. RS-232<=>USB, (...)
If you make some assumptions and use some tricks the RS-232 to RS-485 half-duplex (2-wire) converter can be quite simple (see attached circuit) .. Assumption1: Most of Laptop and PC COMs will happily accept 0-5V level on Rx pin .. Trick1: Steal power from serial port .. The resultant circuit is self-powered, will work with any baud (...)