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There are hundreds of types, including many embedded in MCUs that meet your specification. What you haven't specified is the type of converter or what speed it has to work at. Brian
Hi Guys, I've this question. I'm using a HDMI converter chip which convert from another display format to HDMI. For the core voltage which run at 1.2V , they specify quite a tight requirement on core power supply: 1.1-.13. I plan to use a fast transient LDO for this power supply since it's going to power the core cput which would have plenty o
Hi there, i was wondering if anyone could help me with this. I recently made a PCB for a FT2232H USB-serial converter in order to get an easy way of exchanging data between a PC and a microcontroller system. I followed most guidelines from FTDI to use their serial converter but my PCB has the following issue: -USB device connects and disconnects
Hi, Does any one knows an ic/circuit that can convert a dc level(10-30V dc ) to TTL level?
hi, I want to design a speed controller (v/f) for Air conditioner Compressor motor. Is it possible to use the technique of AC/AC converter Matrix Cyclo-converter for this purpose. Can i operate a compressor at 25Hz and half of the line voltage?
hi, I want to implement a ac/ac speed controller for 1/2 HP induction motor. I have issues in driving the gates of THYRISTORS. There are 8 THYRISTORS as shown in the converter file. Is it a good idea to make 8 isolated 5v dc supplies using 8 small transformer , rectifier bridges and linear regulators such as lm7805 and connect them as shown
Hi guys, Our team is using the SPI interface on the raspberry pi to communicate with the GP22 chip(Time to digital converter) Data sheet of GP22 GP22chip is used to measure the time differe
Hi All, I need to add ethernet connectivity to a new board I'm designing. In the past I've used Lantronix XPORTs, which is a serial-to-ethernet converter, and they work fine. But I need much faster speed for this board (>3Mbit/sec) and the XPORT won't handle that. The board will have an FPGA which will need to talk to the outside world.
hi, first here is an explanation of what i'm trying to do: i need to measure the speed of a dc motor, to do so i used a photo diode, laser and frequency to voltage converter, on the disc of the motor i placed a duck tape to block the contact of the light from the photo diode, in the output of the photo diode i measured a pulses with a frequen
The best way will be to provide a clean DC to the motor input. The closest you can practically get, in my opinion, is to use the PWM to control a Buck converter. The DC motor can be used as the capacitor of the buck circuit.
Again Hi Would you like that i give you the standard formulas for capacitor and inductor design for forward converter ? Best Lucks Goldsmith
Sounds like you would want to use a boost, or buck-bust converter. The batterie's power delivery capabality must be sufficient for the motor, of course.
Hi to all .I try for two months to make ad work .I just use my spi controller . My vhdl script is exactly as timing diagrams chapter 9, ug334 . Is there anything that is not metioned in manual that creates problems such as desabling other spi is not mentioned . i change spi_sck frequency and have different results. why? i just tried to
i think u need dac(digital to analog converter) for this action. u can fed binary output in dac from microcontroler & dac out analog voltage according your binary. these analog votage applied in 3 IGBT,s gates for variable speed.
hi everyone ,how much max resolution that can achieve with pipelined adc in 0.18cmos?can it great than 15bit?:?:
Hi I have generated a high-speed AD converter interface in Xilinx Coregenerator for a Spartan-6 device. 400MT/s DDR with LVDS signalling. It uses IBUFDS, IBUFGDS, IDDR2 and BUFIO2 primitives. My problem is that the Coregenerator did not create any timing constraints. I am trying to set up some timing constraints in my project's main UCF file:
Hi Use a high speed parallel to serial converter (see fairchild site for details) it is a simple to use IC who need a clock a up to 16 data line converted to serial (4 line ) and back to parallel using a the twin IC All the best Bobi The microcontroller specialist
Hi. If i use an ac-dc converter (thyristors bridge) to feed a dc motor and then i use closed loop control to change the firing angle when there is speed changes my question is what is the practical limits of the ac to dc converter to do this operation? I mean what factors i must consider when using this type of control on a dc motor?? (...)
Hi You will need a PCI bridge IC to interface the PCI bus There are several FPGA who can handle the work You will also need some voice band A/D converter in order to convert the incoming audio into PCI data Or you can use one high speed A2D with an analog multiplexer on the input Using an FPGA to do the work is preferable A
HI You can use the STM32F103xxx I2S interface with an audio DA converter(many manufacture for this type of IC :ST,TI,ANALOG etc...) All the best Bobi The microcontroller specialist