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When you design project with line connected you have to be careful about isolation. Otherwise you can say goodbye to your USB ports or even your computer! If you use RS232 or rs485 communication you have to get one of isolated converter with USB input and yes they are not so cheap! So i designed open hardware platform for this purpose so you
hi i have to connect a plc extendable but without an extension port to amtega 128a controller so i trie to connect the signals out of th plc i/o extend with this converter and then tried to connect it with a desktop but it seems not working at all anyone has an idea why?
Use RS232 level converter, or alternatively rs485 transceiver.
Hi guys, I'm having a ICP CON rs232 to rs485 converter. I dont know how to check whether it is working or not?. I've only one rs232 to rs485 converter and usb to serial converter. My rs232 to rs485 converter has a operating voltage is 10-30v dc. i gave power (...)
Hi, I'm trying to make an RS232/rs485 converter circuit. I used a circuit from and i changed some components on that circuit. Then i established my converter circuit that i linked the scheme. I'm also adding
I Want to read data from a sensor which has rs485 interface the computer has only usb port ,I used rs485 to usb windows i am getting the response data when i send request data.When using in linux i tried minicom software ,but I am not getting the response data when i send request data. It shows the ftdi driver for the converter.
Sir, I am using spartan 3e kit. I have rs485 voltage converter ic for communication between fpga and pc. Sir, can you give me the vhdl code for UART (rs485 protocol) or how can write vhdl program for it ? Please sir give me the idea for the problem mentioned above. Regards, Akshay B. Patil
will it work if i used cable Splitter, one Rj45 is connected in my router and the other RJ45 is in my R232 to TTL
I would need to use an RS-485 protocol to connect it with problem is that i confuse about how to do it? I will need to rs485 module to sent data from one to other and the second to sent it via an rs232 module to pc? IS this the case? First, make sure your PC has a serial port (this will be RS-232). Modern PCs no
In the attached circutry (its from a USB to rs485 converter), what could cause the driver SP485 to burn? I know a high voltage on the A and B wires could probably burn the SP485, but could for example a high load such as a terminal resistor placed between A and B also cause it to become overheated? Any other suggestions? 101970[/
I have developed a system in which each device can communicate with each other through rs485. In the protocol, if a device want to send out a packet, it will detect the rs485 bus first to check if any data still on the bus to avoid collision. The system work perfectly within its own network. It also works when I use a RS232-to-rs485 (...)
hi guys, I'm trying to create a converter which convert rs485 signal to USB signal using PIC18F25K50. In other words, whatever I received on the rs485 side, I will straightaway transmit it out through the USB port. I will describe my application. I have a device A and a device B which both using rs485 to communicate with (...)
I had a modbus enabled device which works fine in xp with modbuspoll software. I am using ftdi rs485 to usb converter. But it is not working in win7. I am using latest drivers for the converter. Any body had this problem before. Any solutions?
Greetings EveryBody! I AM USING: I am using B&B Electronics RS232 to rs485 converter (Model 485COSR, datasheet attached), for conversion it has MAX491 type full duplex IC in it and I connected this conerter with Computer via RS232 and on the other hand in my circuits LTC485 is used. WHAT I DID IS: Here I had to transform 4wire to 2 wi
You will get converter for that,to connect to pc,am also trying the same.the following links may help you
Dear friends, I am designing a multipurpose converter. we can configure it as follow 1. USB to RS232 2. USB to rs485 (4 Wire) 3. USB to rs485 (2 Wire) 4. RS232 to rs485 (4 Wire) 5. RS232 to rs485 (2 Wire) USB to RS232 is working properly. Now my problem is when i use USB to rs485 (...)
Thanks Mr. kulkarni, Now I can interfacing with the EAPL's EMS17 modbus energy meter and the PIC using their rs485 converter (EA232/485). I want to avoid the converter and use MAX485 IC instead of the converter (it Costs nearly Rs.2600 while MAX484 costs Rs.25) I tried MAX485 and the meter's rs485 (...)
Dear all, Can some one share me the circuit diagram for connecting ttl to RS 485 and RS232 using max 485 and max 232 IC
Hi i am developing a system based on modbus protocol.Master side is PC and slave are some other devices.I will need here an rs232 to rs485 converter b/w PC and slave devices.I know that i can connect 255 slave devices with 1 master. My question is that can i use 1 rs232 to rs485 converter and attach as many slave devices (...)
i am trying it cp2104 please help me