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Hello. I am looking for a circuit to convert a single positive low voltage(a 3,7V Li-ion battery so 3,2V-4,2V, or 5V) into a symmetrical power supply of somewhere around ?12v while delivering up to at least 1A for each rail. I find a few simple circuits using different IC's to convert 5V into ?15V but they do never deliver more than around 20
Hi all. Ive just bought a pcb heatbed, the kind used for 3d printers. i want to try and power it with a few lithium batteries. to do this i need to convert the dc from the batteries in to ac. you can purchase power inverters but they step the voltage up to 220. this heatbed only requires imagine that its probably quite energy inefficient to
Hi there, We have old PLC which provide NPN Open Collector Transistor output. Internally it provides two pins, Pin 10 of ULN2803 for connecting a VBAT of 12-24VDC and Pin No 18 to Pin 11 for Open collector output for various DC Loads. Now we needed to provide PNP type output for a requirement. So we have designed a ckt as shown below: [AT
100030Hello,there can any one help me to think on this schematic ;I implemented the half-bridge for converting dc-dc (12v-420V);now I want to convert the 440V into 240AC through those two MOSFETS IRFP460 I am planning to take the gate signal of those two MOSFET on the same PIC16f1827; The capacitors are of 450V. What f
This project is risky because you are allowing mains power to contact your device which is meant for low voltage. Did you test that a low DC voltage can be read across the 100 uF capacitor? Does your meter show any AC component? Did you test your pic with a stable DC voltage, to make sure it can convert analog volt
Because of the low voltages, I would use synchronous buck converters. That are converters where another mosfet shorts the freewheel diode to reduce freewheel (catch) diode conduction loss. When converting from 12v directly to 1.8V, you get short high current spikes at the 12v supply (as the switch current in a buck converter equals the (...)
I have a new project that involves creating a power supply for a Ryobi circular saw. I'm in the process of converting it into a small table saw but I would like to run it from my deep cycle batteries since my Ryobi batteries are crap. I've considered rebuilding them and other options but I keep coming back to the fact that I have 6 deep cycle bat
Hi, Having a resistor divider will spoil your transformer's output impedance and it would change the output voltage depending on the load current. If your load (circuit board or motor?) cannot take the 24V then without the right transformer converting the 24V to 20V and 12v with the given current ratings will be very complex.
i need some help converting 12v to 1 volt dc/dc. my source is a 12v lead acid battery 32A-h. i will be powering a dc motor that eats up 2A at 12v. i need to pull down its voltage to 1v so that it only eats up 0.5-0.8A of current. we already tested the motor on a power supply and it moves at 1v with the speed i preferred. (...)
Hello guys, new member here. :grin: I tinker around a bit with large homemade RC cars powered by various 2-stroke motors. They're getting bigger and bigger and I'm getting to the stage where I need to start looking at converting 12v motors to steering servos. Plenty of people around the place have done it, but it seems impossible to get e
The average switching current while converting from 3V to 12v@1A (assuming 80% efficiency) will be around 5A, so the only realistic option is an IC with an external power switch .. Taking into account the above the good candidate for this job seems to be the MAX1771 with an external power MOSFET .. In its data sheet you will find schematic diagra
I want to take a computer power supply that uses the 494 chip and turn it into a 13.8v supply for my station. I have several supplies and want to use most of them for this project. Thanks much to all that help.:D
no one can answer my question ???? I find circuit for converting 12v DC to 180v DC (in 431146 document number in EDN website) in this circuit no transformer and AC inverting circuit used. can I increase output current with using AC inverting circuit and then convert to DC?? and 300v DC from 12v DC (
Hi, I'm looking for help on a converter for converting 12vDC to 130VDC 0.5A. Any ideas? Also, I need help for converting a 36-130VDC Vin to 12vout 2A.
In converting from 12v to 3V even with smaller current, you will face a heat problem. Simple calculation: (12-3)V*1A=9VA, you need a big heatsink for it. Use lm2574/75/76, simple , easy and robust DC-DC converter.
Hi friends, i am trying to convert 12v/4 Amp supply to 7V/4 amp.I will be using both supply after conversion i.e 12v and 7 Volt also.This supply is going to use supply for thermal printer.Can anybody provide MOSFET based solution .
Hello, I would like to connect bigger motors (DC-Servo Motors with Encodern f. both axis) to an existing drive system, currently there are 9V .5 ampere motors attached, I would like to connect 12v 3Ah Motors, how can I do that? The existing circuit is fully computer controlled, speeds are star-rate, x2, x10, and so on, inclusive fast slew speed. S
I have the 12v single wire oil pressure sender in the car. I believe it produces a variable output voltage vs. pressure which usually connects to a gauge. I want to connect this signal to the Picaxe processor A/D input. Issues are noise from the auto electrical system and converting the maximum sensor swing to a usable voltage for the processo
Hello everyone, I'm Attempting to convert a Playstation 2 power supply from a single rail 12v supply to a 2A constant current supply to drive a stepper motor. I have been unable to find a circuit diagram for the item but I have been able to deduce a few things. ( If anybody has a copy of the circuit feel free to let me know :), ) I have worked