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In your PCB Editor utilities there will be pad designer,pcb editor to pcb router,orcad translator etc... when you open the orcad translator it will ask for input directory to select the orcad layout file and ouput directory and file name for converting it to allegro file. After doing above (...)
hello, i made a circuit on proteus and then did the pcb routing for it, but i need the .max file that we get from the orcad, so if anyone would tell me of a way to convert it the .lyt file from proteus to .max file of orcad, i would be grateful, or if there no simple way would someone convert them for me and send them to my (...)
I'm new and don't know where to post this. I would like to find this and open the files without converting if possible. It is abanoned software as we all know, but I really need to do this. Can anyone point me in the right direction or give me some advice, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks Rob.
I have got PMBD7000 (3 pin diode) Pspice model from NXP Semiconductor web-site. This model contains 2 diodes and 3 pins in the diagram After automatic converting the spice file of PMBD7000(Lib->OLB) using Pspice model editor and put the library in the orcad Capture window, only 2 pin symbols are shown in the screen. I (...)
Dear All, I have a serious trouble converting a .max board file edited by orcad Layout Plus 16.2 into Altium .PcbDoc using AD S09 or AD 10. During the converting I get multiply warnings like "Unterminated string at Line..." and there is only way to press Cancel button in order to carry on. At the end of the process I can (...)
Hello Everyone, We tried importing netlist generated from orcad Capture 16.3 to Allegro 16.2,but its asking for higher version of allegro .We tried converting the schematics to lower version and tried .still its giving the same error.Please help us to resolve this ...plese
Can someone tell me if it is possible to convert orcad schematics to PCAD and how? It would save me tons of time not having to redraw them. Thanks
Hi all, I've been searching the internet and some message boards, but haven't found anything specific to my problem. I did find a similar problem converting 9.2 and 7.2 to 7.0, but I don't believe it is applicable to my situation. This is my problem: I'm trying to save a file in orcad CIS 10.5 to the 7.2 format. (...)
I am using orcad9.0 for Schematic Design and Cadstar 4.0 for layout design I am facing problem while converting Oracd netlist to cadstar ,it's showing the report such that components are not assignned to part .Whoever I kindly request to rely the answer my question.
need help i am using orcad, and how can i print the single side or single layer of layout. without converting to gerber, is there any option in orcad. thanx in advance
Ways of converting pcad to orcad, orcad to pcad and problems connected with conversion
Just use Accel PCAD again becouse you can continue converting old files and you can get is for about 4500 USA$. ..and it is really good tool ! my 2 cents !