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Hi.. I have designed a program which packetizes data and performs convolution coding in actel fpga A3P1000, i have converted the single ended output i q and clk to differential output within fpga, the program runs fine. On the second board I then used the single ended output and used an external lvttl to lvds convertor. the output is transmit
So i have finally chosen my project idea, "convolution coding and its implementation in FPGA". I know you guys are experts in your field so i would like some quality and not some lame suggestions like "search in google for more ideas" etc etc. I just need a launchpad where i can start the project on a positive mindset.[
Hey, I am building a model for a transceiver and I am struggling atm with the convolution coding and especially its decoding ! I want to use the following code rates: 1/3; 1/2; 5/8; 3/4; For the first two I use different trellis operators (still standard ones) and since I don't use any noise the BER is obviously 0. For the 3rd and (...)
when do we use punctured convolution codes?
how to we decide the rate and constraint length for convolution code(in MATLAB) if we want to use it for STBC? Is it an arbitrary value?
MAT lab code for convolution turbo coding and MAP decoding
what we mean by convolution coding(2,1,5) which is used in GSM speech coding
i hope if i can get some help with channel convolution coding in WiMax so i need any matlab code about vetrbi or turbo or any other convolution coding and i hope if i can get any good pdf about it as i'm making ma graduation project and i only have 2 weeks before the deadline of the presentation . thanks in advance (...)
can anyone please give me the verilog code for convolution of an image...or give me some guidence for implementing the convolution algorithm in verilog....
Can anybody specify some DIP books dealing with... " Introduction to two dimensional sequences , convolution correlation, separability etc. 2D-Fourier and Z- transform and it' s properties. 2D DFT and it' s properties. convolution of two dimensional sequences .convolutional filtering . Basics of 2D transform coding , 2D (...)
How do you determine traceback length in convolutional coding?Is traceback length 5 times the constraint length.If so,i am using convolution encoding (7,)den te traceback length would be 35.then there is null error rate which is impracticable
Hello friends! Can any one tell which channel coding i should use for transmitting video in AWGN channel? In simulink i am reading video by "from video converter block" and then i have put convolution encoder, QPSK modu and AWGN ch. but convolution encoder doesn't read 3D signal so giving error.Which is right way? Need ur (...)
Hi, Please read the text below. Burst is a collection of slots having the same type of FEC (Channel coding and Modulation). Base station may transmit a burst with FEC = QPSK-1/2 convolution code or FEC= 16QAM CTC 3/4. When assigning a burst to the mobile station in the uplink or downlink, this information (FEC) has to communicated to the SS so
Hi M working on My Final year project "Testbench of MIMO OFDM project contains block for desigining includes, convolution coding,AM mapping,IFFT,FFT etc. M deicided t o target my project on DSP Development kit EP2C70,by using tool DSP builder that came with this kit. Help needed to understand the DSP builder,can i body tell me how
convolutional coding is a form of error correction coding. the convolutional encoder can be considered as a shift register with desintaed outputs used to take out the encoded data. the decoding operation can be done by Viterbi algorithm.
hi can any one have the VHDL coding for discrete convolution and discrete correlation please send this to me thanks
hi, give ideas about how to program convolution in vhdl
hi i am doing my final year project in vlsi for that i need vhdl coding for convolution.if anyone have please send me. by richard
With reference to this help in Matlab, "How to Determine coding Parameters" section: It explains how to obtain the code generator polynomials. It gives the example of obtaining the 2nd row 3rd column element which is 1011 = 13 (octal) It also says that the ele