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HI, please i need someone that will help me with matlab m-file to simulate base station cooperation and to evaluate its efficiency
Hello Please I need a matlab code for coded cooperative diversity anyone with useful help should contact me on my e-mail thanks cheers
Hello everyone Please i need a matlab code for coded cooperation, amplify and forward and decode and forward for my project if you have the code please let me known i can be reach on my e-mail cheerzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
hi, is every one know about the BER matlab cosimulation in optisystem? i read it , but still i have problems. thanks forward for ur cooperation.
I'm focusing on Cognitive Radio Cooperative Spectrum sensing, would you please inform me with any simulator for this technique...regards
HI Is there anyone that has a coded cooperation by matlab? Thanks
Hi everybody! I am a new member from Vietnam I need the matlab code to simulate cooperative MIMO (BER) for the following cases: 1. Amplify and forward 2. Decode and forward 3. Coded cooperation Can anyone help me? Thanks a lot!
Hi everybody, I search about a matlab code permitting to simulate Ad Hoc MIMO Networks in order to test some routing protocols. Can you help me please? Thank you very much for your cooperation.
Dear All I am working on a project on matlab. I need a code in matlab that must describes the simple communication between two devices using CDMA 2000. This code must be simulated in matlab. Thanks in advance. Looking forward for your cooperation Regards Umair