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copper pcb , copper wire , copper thickness , cam gerber
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Hi everyone, I've been trying to get the copper layout of a previously designed PCB imported into Altium's PCB editor. I've been following the procedure found at: and have been able to import the files into Altium's camtastic cam editor. I've set up the Layer
Can the weight for copper be set in eagle or is this something we specified with the board house?
Hello, When i use Eagle pro and do the cam to get the gerbers, it outputs some files ending in "Top Silk.gpi" , "Top copper.gpi" Do you know what is the .gpi file? Can the .gpi file be used as an ASCII file , os as a ODB++ file?
i have a problem. In cam350, during DRC checks - plated drill to copper it doesnt show any errors but actually it has errors. verified using genesis. guys help me with this.........
If they have a width already you could add to print them as copper in your cam file, when you do gerbers.