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I have done these devices with the pads 1:1. Even though they show the pads smaller when these devices are put on a board they are connected with maximum copper for heat sinking purposes so with the recommended solder mask opening you effectively get a 1 ;1 pad. So I use IPC-7351 standard and use a 1:1 pad with a 1:1 solder mask opening and get the
Thermal PCB design is always an interesting problem. These days there are many solutions dependant on the circuit complexity and how many layers required to get the routes in. I recently did a 12 layer (all 2 ounce) flexi-rigid layout with numerous D pack and similar devices, lots of copper pours and thermal vias. The best use for metal clad is sim
If the demand is not urgent, ebay has it see here Sorry , it appears a closed sale. it shows available and later as "ended"
The thermal resistance rises significantly compared to copper clad alum, but it is possible. Compare per Watt. for 30'C jcn rise. and check/compare with
I was reading about ways to print your own PCBs, and read a few forum entries here as well, and - besides sending off to have it printed/made for you - the simplest seems to be using copper clad board and etch resist ink pens. The tracks in the photos I came across on other webs seemed quite wide, ...and "a bit cludgy" would
I had some success with copper plating this weekend. I got an used matrix board and painted the reverse side with a graphite paint I made. I mixed White nite kill rust clear with some lubricating graphite to a creamy texture and then painted the fibreglass surface. I gave it a very rough sand and then electroplated in copper suulfate solution wi
You can use 3/8 oz. Cu on RO Dk for outer layers, 0.5 oz for Epoxy clad layers and 1 oz layers for Vcc and ground for strength on uneven etched signal layers to prevent warp. Also 1oz gives lower conduction losses, and lower crosstalk with appropriate prepreg in between also. As well better tolerance on 3/8 Oz fine line copper over RO Dk. (ROger
Who knows where to get small quantity (100...400 m) of 0.5....0.8 mm CCS wire with 19...40% IACS conductivity? Shipping location will be Europe, Netherlands.
For mechanical stability I would like to use copper clad Steel wire instead of solid copper conductor. I already tried 0.6 mm copper coated MIG welding wire. However the copper coating thickness seems well below 5 um as at 150 MHz a got extremely high resistive loss compared to solid (...)
The thickness that is specified is typically the thickness of the dielectric substrate, and does not include the outer copper clad thickness. So a 200um controlled thickness board with 35um (0.5oz) copper will be 270um thick overall. (Cross section = 35-200-35)
I need to construct a circuit that takes in 3-3.7V, 2amps and outputs 5V, 1amp....instead of going through the stress of the common local etching, drilling and the rest of a copper clad...I would prefer to consult companies who takes in your design, comes up with possible circuits and design the module in line with your specifcations e.g length of
Hello, Is the only purpose of prepreg to act as a cheap separator for the copper layers of a PCB? Is it true that we would ONLY use prepreg (and no core material) if the prepreg was a bit more sturdy and rigid? So can we conclude that in any given PCB, no matter how many layers.....only ONE layer of rigid FR4 core is ever needed.? ....a
I have been having good results with a new toner transfer technique. Put a heavy hotplate on the stove and dial in a temperature of 175 C using a thermocouple. Bond the toner image to the copper clad board by placing them print side down onto the hotplate between two sheets of paper and applying pressure with a rolling pin for 2-5 minutes. For dou
Your cost targets are too low. Best Proto shop from my experience that can do anything you ask them to. Ask about thin Getek for RF over 2oz copper cost comparison with MCPCB. They offer no-touch discounts, Web order discounts and premiums for 24hr turn around. Ask about micro-via costs for RF and thermal transfer. https://www.protoexpress.c
78702 hey u know how to design this type of pcb in eagle by this type i mean making tracks using maximum pcb and excluding smallest part as possible
Dear All: We are a professional manufacturer of FR4 CCL in China,with capacity of 200000 sheets per month, below is the the basic information for our production. Product: FR4-CCL Standard: IPC-4101C/21 Certificate: UL/ROHS/SGS,/ISO9000 copper foil: single side/double sides Thickness 0.2mm~3.2mm Thickness of copper Foil 18μm~
Dear Buyer, Our main products are FR-4 copper clad laminate and prepregs. CHARACTERISTICS: Tg 140. Compatible with AOI equipment. Excellent UV-blocking performance. Good dimensional stability. Flammability UL94V-0. Meet the specification of IPC-4101/21 Normal size:34*49",41*49",43"*49. thickness:0.2~3.2mm copper from 1/3 OZ to 3 (...)
Hi, Is there any simplest way to copy the PCB layout printed on a paper to copper clad for pcb designing... please help...
I like the homebrew way and the flexibility of both techniques. Manhattan: copper clad,PCB,metal shear,metal nibbler,metal punch,soldering iron,super glue Dead bug: But the problem with Manhattan style is these little pads that separate
i am confused with laser powers , i want to make a cnc pcb machine as a final project . any body having a work experience on LASER's ? what power is enough (no more no less) which can etch , drill , and cut a (copper clad) pcb board . i just want to use a single laser module . would i use 10w-20w CO2 or less power would be suf