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Hello, I am designing a microstrip filter in 6 with AWR. I have to handle 150 of power, and I ask me if the design is going to be able to tolerate that power. I will use roger substrate, with Er=3.5 and TanLoss=0.0018. What does the power capacity depend on? Anybody can help me? Is only function of the dielectric loss (and heati
Hello, We are doing an MCPCB with 42 2W LEDs on it. The LEDs have 700mA in them. Is it normal to use 2oz copper (70um) with this? I mean, with the copper being effectively heatsunk, you would think one ounce copper (33um) would be fine?
Do you know what standard thickness for aluminium MCPCB is? We are doing a board for 42 2W LEDs. (110mm by 46mm) Also, do you know what the standard thickness for the copper tracking on such boards is? And are there different levels of isolation between the copper tracking and the different dielectric (...)
136507,,,,,????copper thickness,,, put o.o35mm!!!!
Hi I would like to know which thickness I should apply when they don't mention it inside an article. I want to design an antenna of some ieee article . They said that the substrate top side is a copper coating also acts as the ground plane for the open microstrip line (feed) which is etched on the opposite side of the substrate but hey didn't m
Hi, Did you try to find the information on your own? (I doubt it.) Where? At the place where it is produced: the PCB manufacturer. A simple search "pcb copper thickness" gives many, many, many results. Often you find: 1oz Cu per square foot, 1.0oz. = .0014″ (35 microns) , 35um, 0.035mm Other thickness for sure
What's particularly unclear with copper cladding? Conductivity 57e6 S/m, thickness 35 ?m?
Hello, I'm just routing a simple board with SigFox TD1207 module and antenna. PCB 2 layers, thickness=1.6mm, copper layer=0.018mm (top and bottom) I need to control impedance line for antenna, must be 50 Ohms, on the bottom layer GND Plane. I'm using Altium, specify a PCB Rule (impedance = 50Ohms), but it seems doesn't work, trace width
Hello, Just designed and manufactered my BlueNRG-based PCB on ******, see attached picture for a 2-layer PCB with a PCB antenna works at 2.4GHz. PCB specs: Length : 55 mm Width : 30 mm Quantity : 10 Layers : 2 layers thickness : 1.6 mm Surface Finish : HASL with lead Finished copper : 1 oz Cu Solder Mask : Green Silkscreen : White CreateT
A stackup drawing defines finished thickness and each layer of conductor and dielectric. Vendor can choose either doubled sided copper in a multilayer and how many layers of pre-preg to make up layer thickness, for example in a 4 layer board.
Quality factor(Q) = 2*π*F*L/R F frequency ,L Inductance , R resistance of the coil If you increase the copper thickness the resistance of the coil increase hence better Q value COMSOL Have capability to predict Q factors of coil at high frequency
Hello, We need to wind a 3kW LLC transformer (PQ3535 bobbin) to full UK mains isolation. We want all our windings to be copper foil, the width of the bobbin. We know that the foil?s copper thickness will be 0.15mm, but how thick will the insulation be around the foil? Also, we believe that we won?t have to use margin tape as long as we (...)
The base copper weight is the copper weight as it is delivered from the base material manufacturer. The plating thickness is the copper thickness added during the plating process. During the plating process , copper is added to inside of the holes, to build a through hole, but the plating (...)
It can be PCB solid copper area 7X8mm, preferably on both sides, connected with 4-8 solid via (via filled with solder) Most likely your PCB will have 1 oz thickness of copper; you can increase the area in that case You cannot just replace 2oz with 1oz copper and increase the area, the heat spreading effect of
Hi, I suggest the following: To have a realistic thickness for your patch, feed line & gnd plane, consider 1 oz of copper (~1,4 mils or 0.034 mm approximately). These numbers depend upon what thickness do you specify to the PCB manufacturer while manufacturing this design. I usually use 1 oz of copper in my pcb designs. (...)
- 2-6 layers PCB prototype - 5pcs - 1.6mm thickness - 1oz copper thickness - min 6mil track/space - min 0.3mm hole size - free silkscreen - free solder mask - free shipping The price is low up to USD50 for 2layers prototype,USD 150 for 4layers prototype,USD300 for 6layers prototype. For price details,please see the website (...)
Are you trying to shield E fields (E or H fields? What frequency? Keep in mind conductive spray is very thin and sparse and limited effectiveness depends heavily on coating thickness and lid seals especially which can act as great antenna. e.g. 1~2mil required or equivalent to 1 oz copper thickness. A shorted scope probe loop to Spectrum (...)
4-5 times the skin depth for the metal you are using should be ample, remember Al has a much greater skin thickness (or depth) than say copper or gold...
Hello All, I am glad to introduce EzPCB's service here. EzPCB Capability: Layers:1-40 Materials:FR-4, FR-1, CEM-1, CEM-3, Teflon, Rogers, AL base Max. Board Size:550mm X 710mm Board thickness:0.15mm-5mm Finished copper thickness:1/2oz-10oz The Min. Track:3mil (0.075mm) The Min. Clearance:3mil (0.075mm) The Min. Hole (...)
Replace the term GROUND plane with copper plane... it is any copper plane will HELP dissipate heat. There is more to it and thermal management can get very interesting... Also because of the limited thickness of PCB copper planes the distance the heat can spread from a heat source is limited, the higher the (...)

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