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Did you try worst corner models?
That all depends on the model fidelity, and the completeness of your expression of layout parasitics and such. There is a good chance that models fail to accurately model leakage (especially if you are expecting digital "corner" models to do an analog job). And your real part on a real eval board or test (...)
i was designing a relaxation oscillator in tsmc 90nm technology..designed for 33khz.rpodw_m model resistor was used along with crtmom cap...i need 1Meg resistor value along with 13pF cap so as to design for 33khz operation. when i run the corner simulation ,huge variation of frequency of operation was found in fast & slow (...)
I am doing corner simulation using spectre decks in 40nm technology. To change process I am using altergroup statement as below: alter2 altergroup{ include "modelfile" } Now it was showing error: ERROR (SFE-700): "modelfile" 3214: altergroup statements cannot be specified within altergroups. Help (...)
Hello! My task is to simulate trihedral corner reflector using Feko, to build backscattered field and to calculate RCS of that one. But I am not experienced user, so I have started with simulation of one metal plane. As a source I have chosen a plane wave. I have made this model in both CADFeko and EDITFeko, BUT(!) when I ran POSTFeko, I (...)
Dear all, I am a freshman in CDN simulation. When I follow a workshop of Hartley VCO simulation, I didn't get the same result as what the material PPT shows to me. I only convert the model to tsmc.18 as I don't have the example's original model. I just do as the workshop asks me to. I don't know why. Who can help me! (...)
LM311 doesn't have a simulation mode, check the show only parts with models checkbox in the component selection screen so that components without model are filtered or you can just check in the right corner above the drawing of the component is it says "no simulation model" For comparator (...)
Before starting your design, you must understand PLL design spec for your specific application. Then you select suitable structure-> have behavior model simulation-> specify block spec-> design block circuit->run corner simulation->Build the top-level->Run top-level simulation->
you should loot at the model file of your technology. there it will be a section where all the corners are defined. You will notice that there are few parameters that change for each corner. (usually between 3 and 20). All the other model parameters are kept the same for all corners. So if you look in the (...)
i simulated circuit in 32nm PTM model. now i want to calculate the corner effects(fast fast, slow slow , normal) but model does not have the corner effect parameters. i want to know how can i do it. thanks.
Dear Folk, I have tried to import the template file (pdk/models/spectre/tsmc18rf.pcf) in the corners windows. After I press the ?Run? button, it give out the error message. I have attached the spectre.out to you. Do I need to edit something in the rf018.scs file? However, as I added one by one in the model Library Setup windows and (...)
hi, guys. i just shifted from AMS process to TSMC process. is there anybody familiar with the design kits? would you please tell me how to setup the model library section to get the worse case simulation done?
1. monte carlo simulation is used to simulate the mismatch effect to the circuits. Usually, the width, VT, R, and C are varied to see what happen to your circuits. 2. corner simulation means process variation simulation. It's part of PVT. 3. PVT simulation: P stands for process, V stands for (...)
Dear all, I am trying to do some corner simulation in the ADE of candence, using the tool->corner... I use the tsmc018 process. I wrote a model file as cor_p3_libs.scs (following): library cor_p3_libs section tt_1.8_27 include "../rf018.scs" section=tt include "../rf018.scs" section=tt_3v .. include "../rf018.scs" (...)
I encountered a problem when I ran corner simulation with T$mc 0.18 pdk . The logfile of spectre tells that there are some syntax error in the rf018.scs model file. I found that the errors are at the "statistics" desciption. but when i ran a normal simulaiton with rf018.scs, there is no problem. Can anyone help me?
any industrial simulation tool U can employ 1. netlist 2. sdf file with the corner U care 3. simulation modules of layout library 4. if any hard core, simulation model also 5. any processor U used, need the simulation model 6. for ATPG simulation, (...)
Usually the corner, temperature and power supply determine the worst case together. Some parameters of the model, such as Vth, are calculated through formula. So even all of transistors is saturation, the significent difference exists. Perhaps the solution is the special structure.
.alter command is very useful for hspice simulation, it can replace the temp, power_val, model corner and other parameters define, below is a sample of simulation netlist: .temp 27 .lib 'model' tt .param pow_val=3.3 ............. transistor describe .op .save .tran 0.01n 10n .opt post (...)
hello,eveybody,I am a beginner. I want to do monte carlo simulations for my circuit.But I do not have the MC model,can I get it from the process corner models? Please give me some advice,thanks a lot. The process corner model did not contain the radom MC model, such as (...)
If we refer to model file, there is a sigma value to represent the process variation. From this sigma we will have SS, SF, TT, FS and FF corner case.... My question is how the foundry get the sigma value and why they are using 3 sigma value instead of 1 sigma only.... 3 sigma will lead to circuit overdesign isn't it?