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here all i am doing process corner analysis but dont know the meanning of model library given by cadence so please tell about this so that i can move forward spectre global 0 include "/cad/Cadence/UMC018/UMC_MS/DESIGNKIT/UMC_18_CMOS//../models/Spectre/core_rf_v2d4.lib.scs" section=tt include "/cad/Cadence/UMC018/UMC_MS/DESI
hFE goes up but so does Rc, and the latter may be the Iout limiter (hFE limited would likely be at the low temp end). At some point presumably you will turn the corner from current mode (for NPN, 15V/1K*hFE) to Vce(sat) at some forced beta position (DC test - transient, who knows, and who among device vensors bothers to model it well?). The low g
You need a corner model library, e.g. mm018, which starts with the following text: 124437
hi my friends, i have cadence 6.1.4 ,tsmc 0.13rf i want to change process corners(ss,fs,...) in ADE XL. I select corners menu in the left side of ADE XL. click to add corner.>>in section model file click to edit >>>then "add/edit model group" window was opend >>I click on " import from test">> cadence (...)
Did you try worst corner models?
Hi, I've been simulating a 2-stage op-amp using MOSFETs. These MOSFET models come with (typical, fast, slow, up and down). I've only done simulations using typical models and am not sure how the rest of the MOSFET variation works. Do I simply replace all the typical values (the op-amp works well with typical models) with each (...)
Hi, I am relatively new to HSPICE. I am trying to run some corner analyses on a small RO circuit. Some SPICE models used in the set up have some complicated equations against them sometimes few variables referencing through different files (to model the dependencies on various factors). I need to print these values against each (...)
That all depends on the model fidelity, and the completeness of your expression of layout parasitics and such. There is a good chance that models fail to accurately model leakage (especially if you are expecting digital "corner" models to do an analog job). And your real part on a real eval board or test (...)
Hi, I am using TSMC18rf and wanna do corner analysis in Cadence. I have given the path but I am somehow confused that within spectre which file contain model parameters information. I have gone through various link, some of them say add .pcf and .dcf file but I have seen only .pcf file but when I hit the run button errors appear like: some path is
i was designing a relaxation oscillator in tsmc 90nm technology..designed for 33khz.rpodw_m model resistor was used along with crtmom cap...i need 1Meg resistor value along with 13pF cap so as to design for 33khz operation. when i run the corner simulation ,huge variation of frequency of operation was found in fast & slow corners..why is it (...)
You have to decide on one of the transistor models contained in the library, e.g.: M1 vout1 vin+ 1 1 nmos.1 W=10u L=0.5u m=1 and Q1 6 vctrl GND NPN10 The various models are shortly described in the preface of the library. Don't forget to select the required corner model: * 1)To use these models direc
I have a simple differential pair in hspice. I want to perform corner case and noise analysis. what shoul I do? in below you can see netlist: VCC 11 0 DC 5 VDD 12 0 DC -5 vb 4 0 1 M1 3 1 5 5 NMOS1 w=20u l=.5u M2 3 7 5 5 NMOS1 w=20u l=.5u M3 11 4 3 3 NMOS1 w=5u l=.1u R1 5 12 7k .model NMOS1 Nmos level=2
This is probably cheap and bad quality device. I see this like Chinese SMPS inverter devices on every corner. For start try to open and look inside, inspect parts, check for PCB black or brown colored areas due to longer overheating,... Make some quality photo and post here. Be careful dont touch any internal component with hands, first discon
Does anyone use design spark version 5? I'm trying to import components using model source . Earlier versions had the model source link in the bottom left hand corner of the screen , that's noe gone. So I onen up modelsource in anover widow select what I want save it and down load the zip flle to my c drive. the online (...)
I am doing corner simulation using spectre decks in 40nm technology. To change process I am using altergroup statement as below: alter2 altergroup{ include "modelfile" } Now it was showing error: ERROR (SFE-700): "modelfile" 3214: altergroup statements cannot be specified within altergroups. Help in getting out of (...)
Hello! My task is to simulate trihedral corner reflector using Feko, to build backscattered field and to calculate RCS of that one. But I am not experienced user, so I have started with simulation of one metal plane. As a source I have chosen a plane wave. I have made this model in both CADFeko and EDITFeko, BUT(!) when I ran POSTFeko, I have seen
hi all, I don't know really what are tt,ff,ss corners? and how we can analysis our design in different corners with hspice? would anyone help me? thank u
the minutes displays are upside down and i dont know the pins in the real 4 digets 7-Segment where is the pins in this 83642 from the design Try to read model number from 7-seg, then search datasheet on Internet. Ususally Pin1 starts from upper left corner. tronixstuff.
Dear all, I am a freshman in CDN simulation. When I follow a workshop of Hartley VCO simulation, I didn't get the same result as what the material PPT shows to me. I only convert the model to tsmc.18 as I don't have the example's original model. I just do as the workshop asks me to. I don't know why. Who can help me! Here is part of the s
a) - open to model file and read through it!!!! Also open the little text file which shows how to use tsmc models. b) tsmc usua;ly provides libraries for core and io (1V and 3V) devices separately. That means in simulations if you want to change all of them to ss you have to change corner for each of them separately. Usualy the (in case of (...)