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The rigorous definition of ECC involves a correlation of vector patterns of your antenna. The equation I think you are using in matlab is an approximation. That approximation is particularly bad for low efficiency antennas. I most suspect this is what is causing the discrepancy.
The "Code for Gender Recognition using Auto-correlation in matlab" was fantastic and worked perfectly for my older version of matlab. But once I updated to matlab 2015b, the code no longer worked. Does anyone have a version of this code that works with matlab 2015b?
References Previous Thread: This is another code that I have written for gender recognition in matlab. I have attached the files. 59385. Can you elaborate the autocorrelation part? What the logic?
Is it needed to convert a set of path loss values in dB to linear units like watts before they are correlated to each others in matlab. For example the following gives different results: x=rand(1,200); y=rand(1,200); xx=corr2(x,y) yy=corr2((10.^(x./10)),(10.^(y./10))) % From dB to linear and then correlated Thanks imti
hi every body i need distance correlation algorithm to compute distance correlation between any two vectors or if any one has matlab code for distance correlation algorithm thanks in advance
ok, but the question was not yet properly answered : What do you want compare ? ( Magnitude, bandwidth, correlation, etc... ) +++
hiii Sorry once again .... I could not found function 'modnorm' and 'qammod' in the function func_ofdm_generate....... Please post your complete code then only one can run this and give you some feedback..... Sorry for that I went to mathworks site I think these are the function from "Communications System Toolbox" ...... I don't have th
Hello everyone, I have a following problem: given cross-correlation function {C_{12}}{\left(\tau\right)} associated with a pair of time functions {f}_{1}(t) and {f}_{2}(t): {C_{12}}{\left(\tau\right)}={3 cos}^{2 }{\sigma}{t sin}{\sigma} {t} if {f}_{1}(t) =\frac{ 1}{2 }+\frac{1}{4}cos {\s
i am trying to find Target Range and correlation Gain using Sinusoidal FM signal mixed with Random Noise. fm=1e3; B=180kHz fs=360kHz; Brn=2*fm; Ntap=1000; xsfm=exp(j*beta*sin(2*pi*fm)); xxrn=randn(1,Nfft+2*Ntap)+j*randn(1,Nfft+2*Ntap); ht=fir1(Ntap,Brn/fs); nxrn1=filter(ht,1,xxrn); xrn=nxrn1(Ntap+1+(1:Nfft)); xrn=xrn/std(xr
Dear all, I am was not convinced or may be could not understand the correlation in matlab i.e. xcorr function. So to test I simple made two exactly similar sine wave without any delay, and it gives me delay of 21. I cannot understand why. please first see the code below fo=200; fs=2500; t=0:1/fs:.008; x=sin(2*pi*fo*t); y=x; %n
You will need an auto correlation filter in both directions, ignoring amplitude and phase. This can "manually" be done with an FFT and a shape comparison in the frequency domain, which is most appropriate for hardware implementation.
I need to implement following expressions for the GRPE in matlab lembda = inv(E*inv((A-T'*inv(R)*T))*E) *c; g = inv(A-T'*inv(R)*T)*E*lembda f = inv(R)*T*g where R:autocorrelation of channel output T:cross correlation of channel out put and input data A:autocorrelation of input data i only have access to (...)
How to compare two signals using correlation in matlab. i know the function is xcorr. But xcorr returns an array of coefficients. What I want to learn is the next step in comparing them. I have no idea of how to compare them.
i want cross corelation matlab code for m-seq.:- x=; y=; and for gold codes:- x=; y=; regrdes
Hello all, How to generate a wide band signal with given auto correlation in matlab/C/C++ from white Gaussian noise? Regards, Mayavi
Hi guys. I'm working on Voice Conversation project. Briefly, I have two trained data belongs two different people. With a Codec I'm trying to analyise trained data. Now,I've trouble with this problem. i.e X= is person K, and Y= is person L. X and Y are 2D matrices. With the canoncorr function of matlab I want to a relation between two matri
dear all i ask about how i can do correlation between two image for same object using matlab depend on code not existed function because after understanding this point i will implement it on FPGA wait your reply thanks
Plz help me. I used correlation based method to estimate delay for GPS signal but it doesn't show correct result. I think it is because of multipath effect.
Being a fresher for DSP. Take this piece of advice. You type xcorr in matlab you ll know as how to code it, rather if you type "correlation" in wiki , you ll understand what correlation exactly is. With some effort it is possible to know it by your own. Learn a few stuffs , try something and let us know your difficulty we ll help for sure.
Hi I wanted to know whether the voltage mode controller designed simple boost converter using its small signal model (in sisotool matlab) should work in the simulink model of boost converter( which is differential equation model) for all ranges shown stable in the open loop bode plot of compensated system.