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Hi all i am making a personnel tracking system using identity card and i am using sim808 gsm+gprs+gps module with arm processor and it cost me approx.20$.Now i want to add one feature i.e camera which can capture image and can send to user's mobile . can any one suggest how can i do it .I have to complete my project within 30$
Can someone suggest me if you know any surface mount low cost antenna solution for gsm module (SIM900 module in my case). I will confirm the bands it needs to support. But at the moment you may think about an all band (something like penta band) antena. Questions: 1. In my opinion a surface mount antenna maybe (...)
since you have taken care of the stackup and impendance in the layout i think its fine. one of my customer also do like this for cost reduction.
Hi All, I am planning to develop a proto type based on gsm and a Micro controller. This design should be suitable for low signal area(Self recovery either in Modem or Micro controller logic). I need some guidance to choose a gsm modem and antenna. Its better if you suggest a low cost device. Hope to get some reply soon.
I'm a quite hobbyists in working with electronics and embedded systems. Now I prefer to deal with gsm and GPS module. First, i will work on gsm and later GPS. I think, Buying a module separately will cost more. So I'm searching a module which is integrated both. I've searched in the net (...)
What price or what cost of that project you expect to be ? And of course what purpose and where you plan to implement gsm modules ?
Hello Friends, You can use the cost-effective gsm/GPRS module SIM900 in your project to save cost. SIMCOM module is number one in China, and number two in the world. If you have any questions to integrate the module with your project, we have professional FAE team to support you. Our (...)
before anything, i would like to make a few clarification: 1. i am new to this forum :) 2. i am not sure if this is the correct section, sorry if its wrong ok, i've just made a proposal to make a project which requires the integration of gsm module and wifi module and the requirement is it need to be low cost. i (...)
Please suggest me very low cost GPRS module?Only for connecting to internet not Call or SMS.
We are working on a telematics (aka connected car) product. The system is similar to GM's Onstar. For data transfer between vehicle on-board unit and remote server, we plan to use gsm module with SIM card. The expected data amount is about 20 mb per month. What is a cost-effective way to do this (through a telecom carrier like AT&T may be (...)
i think it is best to impliment zigbee instead of gsm. Through zigbee you can send message to a remote location without any additional cost like cost per sms. But combired to gsm its cost is high. And you need two zigbee module
these low cost modemm does not support these features.. check with wavecom modems... they are pretty expensive... I dont think any modem would support, if not wavecom...
Hi All, Please assist: I am looking for suppliers of low cost sim300 (or similar) modules from Dubai or South Africa. This is because importing from these countries is easier from where I live. Thanks in advance.
Your best choice for gsm modules is SIMCom ( - look at the SIM900 series. They are both low cost and certified. If your volumes are large (>10,000) you can deal directly with the service providers (AT&T, T-Mobile). Otherwise, you'll need to talk with a reseller.
I am using the Sierra Wireless Q26. It seems simple to use after getting use to the API and it cost approx. $40 US for the Q2687. Most the example code can be provided by the supplier. I also consider the sagem module HiLo but haven't use it in anger.
Hi, I've a project on gsm modem (I'm new in this area so plz accept my apology for asking primitive question) and I should select a cheap gsm modem, due to limited budget, the problem is low cost gsm modems have ZIF connector for their interface (rather than RS232), as I need to do testing and programming on the (...)
sir, we too hav a thought of using a gsm module.. but itz cost is quite high than compared to any modem using a mobile... gsm module is having many specifications which are not needed in our application... so we just thought buying a gsm module for 3000-5000 is not (...)
Hi The Max3421 is a USB master controller and yes you can connected to a gsm module for control - but you need to write a CDC access library for the 3421 since the support from maxim is not available - you can also buy library for the 3421 but is cost a lot you can also use a micro with on chip OTG like the STM32F105/107 All the (...)
If you want to compete in the M2M market, you need to do a lot more work on your web site. Your product pages give no technical specifications, and when I try to download your PDF's your server hangs. If you want to claim to be "high quality and low cost" you need to show that on your web site.
Hi i want to use a gsm/GPRS module with PIC microcontroller to send and receive messages, can you suggest me a low cost gsm/GPRS module and i preffer if u recomend it from your personal experience. thank you for your help. Regards