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Hello everyone! I have a problem. I'm supposed to create a countdown timer from 9 to 0 on a 7 segments display in MP LAB with PIC 16f877a. Now the problem is that I have to do this due tommorow and we never studied programming at all. During classes the teacher just gave us printed asm files and have us type them in MP LAB. Now, in order to pass th
Hello everyone! I have a problem. I'm supposed to create a decreasing binary counter(countdown timer might be the term I guess) from 9 to 0 on a 7 segments display in MP LAB with PIC 16f877a. Now the problem is that I have to do this due tommorow and we never studied programming at all. During classes the teacher just gave us printed asm files and
Hi, I am trying to configure Timer0 in PICBASIC PRO. Processor is 16f877a. I need to generate an interrupt periodically and update seconds counter to ultimately update time. I don't want to use RTC chip... Any help in this regards will be highly appreciated.. Regards
hi, Look at this image, it suggests a external asynchronous 1imer clock period of 60nanosec, ~16MHz. Use timer0 in conjunction with a timer0 interrupt clocked software counter to give a precise 1 second period for reading the Timer1 count. Also use timer1 interrupt to clock a software counter, this will give a 24 bit value [ 8bit in software,
hi all i want to know the maximum frequency at pin T0CK1 in 16f877a & 18f452 to know if i used these pics as a frequency counter will count to what Hertz ? i try the datasheet but i cant extract these information ... Hi, This link should give you some ideas of what you can obtain from a chip using
Hello there,I would like to make a counter counting from 00-99 and then go to start (go to 0),the added push button when pressed it reset the PIC;I am using ccs c compiler. can you please help,here are the complete project,proteus simulation and the codes I tried to run;it is working but jumping some digits (0,6,8 and 9). See the codes below,
After just glancing at your code, it seems the majority of the issues you describe are located in the following section of code: if(TMR2IF_bit==1) //At PWM period end { if(a>=di) //when counter reaches end of string { a=0; //reset counter
Read section 2.3 & 2.4 page 30 of the datasheet. K is not big enough to address the whole memory space so the upper bits come from PCLATH. The program counter is 13 bits but K is only 11 bits. Keith
Hi all, I am trying to make a frequency counter and wrote some code. I wanted to use a frequency averaging part to make things more accurate. But when I run the code with the averaging part it acts funny (at frequencies close to 10kHz). Also please give me some pointers to the variable declaration (eg int, float etc) as I am pretty sure me u
Can some body plz help me to modify the following codes for counting the frequency up to 2Mhz of a square wave and sine wave: #include <16f877a.h> #use delay(clock=20M) #include #include #fuses hs,nowdt,nocpd,nolvp,noprotect #byte portc=0x07 #bit led=portc.4 void LCD_D(); unsigned int16 value; void main()
Hi,every body I want to read the frequency from the function generator and use the PIC16f877a here below are my codes which are not working can you please help me to handle the issue. Help me plz. - - - Updated - - - The codes are here below: #include <16f877a.h> #device adc=10 #fuses XT, NOWDT, NOPROTECT, PUT, BROW
PIC 16f877a Hi, I have a problem where i don't how to write a program for my rotation counter. My system is a rotation counter, It count decrementally. does anyone here can help me on the programming part? Thank you.
Well, may be google wasn't kind to you :grin: but I found a frequency counter with 16f877a (eqivalent to 16f876a) from google. It is downloaded from here. See the attachment....
Hello friends, i have this code from the Mikroc examples EasyPIC5 #include "Display_utils.h" char kraj; unsigned short zz, j, v; unsigned int i; unsigned short por; void interrupt() { PORTA = 0; PORTD = por; PORTA = zz; // turn on appropriate 7seg. display zz <<= 1; if (zz > 8u) zz = 1;
I use p16f877a but I forgot to write that in include "" I'll use 100khz "ENSURE THEY ARE SET TO DIGITAL, NOT THE DEFAULT ANALOGUE" I don't understand what do you mean in this statement . I'm trying to make a counter count the secounds pass You need to set your configuratation bits for the 100kh
That code simply doesn't make sense. Starting from the top: "decfsz temp" should have a second parameter, file or W as the destination. I'm guessing you want 'f' as you are using it as a counter. "movlw 0x04;0x38;0x28;0x21" puts 0x04 into W, what are the other numbers? They will be seen as comments by the assembler. You then load 0x6A into TMR0
hi, i want to start the timer when a pin high and stop the timer when another pin high and display the count in lcd for that i written a c program in hi-tech c compiler . first i didnt know how to convert hex value to decimal . my program my simulation as follow 70644 in program display function i wrote to display the hex va
Hai friends, In my project i interface an IR module with PIC 16f877a,This system is used for counting motro rotation. PIC in counter mode using timer1.Now the problem is that when i connect manually to an IR then PIC count properly.But when it connected to the motor it reads wrong count.OR it does not work properly. Here i post my code.
Hi all , i am New here and i have problem with programing counter with proton program , i am using basic language . My project is to use an analoge to digital converter in Pic 16f877a to calculat the temp by using Lm35 and to make alarm when the Temp reatches a certain value, the problem is i canot declare the Puch button to the program , and also
The PIC series allow direct access to the program counter so you can use it to store the result of a calculation. The RETLW instruction means "RETurn with Literal in W", in other words it is a subroutine return instruction that carries the value you placed in the instruction beck in the W register. What you need to do is calculate a subroutine a