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Hi, I want to combine two pic projects into one but using a single LCD module. The projects are 6 connections in the LCD that must be switched between the two projects, so I need to make a 6-pole switch. I would li
I am really very sorry to all. i couldnt write the comments. actually i wanted to make a volt meter so all the code is written for that. and it realy works. i checked it practiclay. then i tried to run it on protues then gave error, i described. so i thought to run only an up counter. so i changed it to up counter but didnt delete the (...)
Hi all, I am trying to make a frequency counter and wrote some code. I wanted to use a frequency averaging part to make things more accurate. But when I run the code with the averaging part it acts funny (at frequencies close to 10kHz). Also please give me some pointers to the variable declaration (eg int, float etc) as I am pretty sure me u
i want to make a frequency counter using pic16f877a using mikroc pro for pic,, please help
frequency counter with pic microcontroller e.g.
@bencassar; Have you considered using a microcontroller? Here are some ideas:
I prefer using any IC chips than pic. No problem, you'll surely be able to find datasheets, e.g. for 7490 counter and 7447 7-Segment decoder. Wire the counters for the intended digit number and connect the pulse signal to the input. P.S.: LM331 output is open collector and will need a pull-up resistor to VCC.
hi, my project is to design a digital speed-o-meter. and i m using timer-1 as the frequency counter and timer-2 as the 2sec. delay interrupter for taking a sample. then calculate speed using that counted pulses by the counter. problem is ...both the timers are working perfect individually but when i use both the timers in the same program it (...)
Hi, There you go: Schematics and C code for a pic (16F877A) frequency counter operating up to about 50 MHz
just use the motorola frequency divider(prescalar).....mc12028 or similar...... it divides the frequency by 64 ....then it is easy to measure....i do have a home built frequency counter.using pic microcontroller.if you need it msg me.
Maybe it helps: If You want to translate with google translator: In this forum was
hey frends, I am trying to make a frequency counter, but i amconfused as to how to go about it, actually it is to measure the electrical mains frequency, but the hardware side is really confusing me. i was wondering if anyone of you would like to help me a little bit in this. thanks a lot my contact address is:[/