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I was working on my project with logic, sequential and combinational ICs. And, wanted to test the 74LS10 3-input NAND gate and it wasn't working!! All other ICs are working, NOR, 2-input NAND, counter, 555 timer. I've other 74LS10, if they all not working then I'd combine 2-input NAND and one AND gates to get 3-input NAND gate. I just w
hi everyone, I was required to build a stop watch that would count up to 60 and then go back to 0 and start counting again. Also i had to make 2 switches one for the start/stop button another for the reset button. I have completed both the mod 60 and the start and stop button and it is working in multisim. I cant seem to get the reset button to wor
Hello Have to design and build a frequency counter for little project. Have a good grasp on the fundamentals but am so stuck on making this. I have made a multisim simulation of what I thought would work after much research, but it doesn't. 116519 When I simulate it, the displays don't display anything. If anyone k
Hey Guys, I am not able to grasp the waveforms of divide by 3 counter where two flip-flops produce waveforms at half frequency but at quadrature phase relation. Could anyone please explain me waveforms? Thanks in advance !
114544 i am working with xilinx. I got the assignment to make a 16 bit binary counter and a loadable up&down counter. Now i have made it. And i have tested them. They all work well. The last step is to combine two counters with multiplexer. This is the requirement.114545 I have tries many wa
The schematic in post #4 gives a first clue what you actually want to achieve. We see a mux circuit, apparently intended to scan the four digits one-by-one. Presently this part doesn't work. The 74163 clear input is an asynchronous one, thus the counter is immediately reset when counting from 2 to 3. The fourth segment won't be lighted. Plea
We'll have to wait for the schematic but the general principle is you run a counter at say 1,000 counts per second so it increments in 1 millisecond intervals. You reset it to zero then have a start signal to initiate the reaction test, the user then does something to stop the counter. What it dispalys is the number of milliseconds betwen (...)
ok friends now my seven segment up / down counter is perfectly work using up / down switch . now i want to add external EEPROM . and my logic is that when power cut of my micro that time when we power device that time eeprom store last value of seven segment . how is that possible please help me ? just Example My micro Power supply is 5V . i h
Please kindly find the schematics as enclosed. Well, the intention is the usage of the 7476 flipflops as disordered rign counter as described in the first post. I don't know what your point is about "bad asynchronous circuit". I'd be thankful if you kindly explain.
hi friends, I want to design a RPM counter for 3 wire CPU fan. For that, I design circuit using PIC16F84 as counter. The counter is working perfectly. But when I try to connect the 3rd wire to PIC, I am getting constant 3000 RPM in display. There is no change even the fan is stopped by hand. Here is the code for PIC16F84A using MikroC. (...)
You could use a divide by three counter, driven by your 555 oscillator. You could use three 555s monostables each one firing the next . Frank
Hi guys noob here, first post. I need to design a program counter to satisfy the following schematic. 101185 and here is my code so far. Now I'm pretty sure this is wrong. But I don't even know how to test this yet using QuartusII, hoping my TA will explain it this Monday. Would someone with more experience take a loo
Without seeing the schematic how are we supposed to tell? Each of those is a binary counter but they have different divider outputs, whether they will work or not depends on how they connect to the rest of the circuit. The CD4020 is easily available almost everywhere, just because your local shop (wherever that is) does not have them, it doesn't
Guys, How to measure heartbeat with atmega128 ? I have created the sensor module with TCRT5000 and op amp and the pulse already, My question is how can I count / measure the pulse and display it to my LCD on BPM ? Thanks
Post a schematic!!!!! Tell us what you are using for a receiver My project is bidirectional visitor counter.I m havin problem somewhat like above..using 2pairs of IR LED & IR detector(photodiode),,o/p from detector are fed to inverting i/p of comparator LM324 & other i/p of LM324 is 10K ohm preset..then o/p from
PIC 16F877A Hi, I have a problem where i don't how to write a program for my rotation counter. My system is a rotation counter, It count decrementally. does anyone here can help me on the programming part? Thank you.
Hello, Just a DC pulse across the wire, from the counter output.
You are on the right track, I think. Are you saying you need to do this project with a schematic rather than VHDL or Verilog? If that is the case, then you ARE going to need a 27-bit counter. The output of this counter would enable the clock input to a flip-flop, so that the output of that flip-flop changes state every two-seconds. You (...)
Hi everyone, I am designing an incremental A/D converter in Cadence, which needs a counter to count the number of pulses (it has to be an up/down counter). Is there an ideal model for such a counter in Cadence or will I have to draw a schematic of a counter and then simulate my circuit? Thanks.
Hello, I need to make a frequency counter accurate to the Hz. I have made a quite accurate OCXO on 10.7mhz, but the frequency counter schematic I have found on the net uses a 4MHz crystal. So I need a divider to divide down the 10.7mhz to 4mhz, since I do not know how to alter the code.