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Hi, I am simulating to find the resonance frequency and measured quality factor of some cpw transmission line resonator with a short circuit as termination. They are coupled to the feedline via a series coupling capacitor. I set the length from the coupling cap to the short-to-GND, then I applied a sheet and set the boundary as lumped RLC to m
Hello all I am trying to design a Bias T using cpw transmission lines in CST microwave studio. I am confused with the DC blocking. Please have a look at the attachment. I am using quarter wavelength coupled lines for blocking DC but on simulation the RF DC isolation gets worse on adding this DC block. If I do not use any DC Block then RF
Anyone know why I would be getting a negative q for my microwave office circuit? I'm using a pretty simple design, with a cpw capacitively coupled on either end and am just trying to optimize it for a high q, but I keep getting negative q values and the max is zero! Any help would be appreciated.
Hello Stepannp, Yeah Simplest method is use M3CLIN coupled Microstrip line & setup as per your requirement...Or Use the cpw Line & use in similar way with spacing & conductor widths... The third one is the Bit difficult & it is the recommended way of modeling such traces in all PCB layout tools... Edit your layout Process File (LPF) or impo
I'm using HFSS for a specific coupled cpw line simulation. Driven modal are used. Two waveports are places at both ends of the coupled cpw line and two modes (even mode and odd mode) are excited at each waveport. However, at two ends of the coupled line, the simulated gamma shows different results. Has (...)
IE3D from Zeland has a feature that allows to simulate efficiently slot structures in infinite ground planes: Magnetic current modeling of slot structures. For slotted structures such as coplanar waveguides (cpws), cpw antennas and slot-coupled patch antennas, IE3D can model the electric field distribution on the slots. It saves simulation t
Hello, You should be able to design in Multilayered Broadside cpw coupled-Line Balun for wideband (using AWR MWO)... See the attached paper... ---manju---
Design of Broadside cpw- Microstrip coupled lines ... having problems abt defining the ports. could any one help me out
I want to redo this article: Equivalent-Circuit Models for Split-Ring Resonators and Complementary Split-Ring Resonators coupled to Planar Transmission Lines but I can't reproduce the results of the paper. helpe me ! to see the strusture of SRR loaded cpw :FIG.10. thank's
I want to design some coupled Transmission lines for filter applications, and mainly focusing on coupled cpw. I read from books and literatures that the common way to characterize coupled TLs is through even and odd mode impedance. I see softwares as HFSS provide direct simulation results on these impededances. ***My (...)
If you don't currently have a 2.5D simulator you can use Sonnet Lite for free. It has enough capability to handle two coupled microstrips (4 ports). Just vary the spacing while observing return loss and coupling. I think you'll find that a spacing of 1*H to 2*H will get you between -20 dB to -30 dB of coupling depending on length. While this is
There is a simple and accurate method for measuring Er. Make a very looseley (wide gap) coupled half wavelength filter (a microstrip line with two wide gaps). Measure the resonant freq. Calculate the Er from analitical formulas.