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Do as per FlapJack. We measure noise with 50 ohms system. Oscilloscope : 50 Ohms input, DC coupled, Offset adjusted. lower voltage/division capacity like 2mV or 3mV/div, try with 20 Mhz BW limit for better performance., Cable : RG174 cable(rf174-04sp3-04sp3-2000 these cables are avbl fom samtec) has very small core, useful in soldering directly acr
What if we solder source pin directly to ground plane on the other side of pcb? Although need to put vias on gate and drain, i can imagine gate and drain can be coupled to waveguides without vias. For high gain amplification and still stable solution
Hello, A Basic Question: Two paralle long coupled traces on a pcb have lets say mutual capacitance of Cx. Say one trace is open ended at one end and connected to GND Via at the the other end. Now if somehow I remove that GND connection at the top, will the two conductors will still have a mutual capacitance ? In a nutshell is there an
Do u know how I could estimate the working frequency? Since I don't have any idea about dielectric material of the pcb, I cannot say anything.But coupled TLs have 7.40mm (?? ) and they should have a length of lamda/4. If we assume Er=4.5 ( FR4) the operating frequency may be 4.8GHz ??? It's hard to say something..
Hello, I designed a layout and i want your comments/ advice/ recommendations for my layout? Thank you for your help Schematic (pdf): 109940 - Grounds have large slots which make good antenna to Relay transient noise coupled nearby. Use star grounds from DC source not serial ferrite conn
Another option to Interdigital Filter is to use Edge coupled BPF, or Hairpin BPF. They might use larger pcb area but for example Hairpin BPF provides better rejection and better symmetry. The simulation use FR4, 1.5mm, Er=4.6,
Hello all, Does one pair of odd and even impedance correspond to an unique set of w, s, l of the coupled microstrip line ? With the ADS line calculator, the s and w sometimes is smaller than 0.1 mm it's too small for hand making pcb! Thank you for helping!!
I am a newbie. I designed a pcb without any supervision 'cause I have nobody to consult. It is a 4-layer pcb to test a ADC chip. The pcb is shown below. I found that my differential AC signals to the ADC input have been distorted. I think the clk signal is coupled to the the ground plane first. Then (...)
Hi everyone! I have coupled microstrip filter, designed in Genesys. pcb i'm designing it for will be covered with EM shielding, and I have to simulate filter with shielding, to be sure it will work. So the question is - can someone tell, what is the best way to import design from Genesys to CST, while saving each trace individuality, so I co
I want desgin an up-converter with an OL integrated over the same pcb. I've designed both separated, but now I want add also an microcontroller, to control and monitoring power and frequency parameters. What type of risk can I have? I think that digital signals could be coupled into RF signals. Is it possible?Isolation between all parts sho
I'm using trace analyzer to calculate differential (and single ended) impedances for pcb design. Otherwise everything works fairly agreeably, but for some reason TA insists on giving broadside coupled impedance in matrix form. I know this is very basic mathematical stuff but I was always much better designer than mathematician and I've been alw
Hello Stepannp, Yeah Simplest method is use M3CLIN coupled Microstrip line & setup as per your requirement...Or Use the CPW Line & use in similar way with spacing & conductor widths... The third one is the Bit difficult & it is the recommended way of modeling such traces in all pcb layout tools... Edit your layout Process File (LPF) or impo
i think it might be coupled.. if you can send the file than i can look into it.
hi coupled wave guide are used usaully to increase bandwith of the transmission or to improve the directivity or the gain of the antennas try to download something about coupled patch antennas and u will understand
Hi the problem solved by this Aplication note Modeling Connectors at the Board Level Using coupled SPICE Subcircuits in DML PackageModels
Your body also represents a path to ground, even if not directly coupled via bare skin - almost anything conductive touching or in very close proximity, (you can verify this by taking a piece of metal foil taped to a wooden stick and moving the metal close to or touching the circuitry.), will have an inductive/capacitive effect at these frequencies
Hi, I contruct stripline 30 dB Backward Directional coupler with substrate Air - pcb(Er=2.3) - Air. I have problem with very small or zero directivity. coupled port 13 Directivity 32 is very bad 1 ------------------------------------------- 2 ----------------------------- |
The microphone input will be AC coupled and filtered to voice frequencys. The usuall way is to use audio frequency shift keying. There is a lot of information on the web about packet radio with an amateur radio license. When I played with it a few years ago the standard mode was 1200baud, I vaguely recall it sent a single cycle of 1200HZ or 240
This is because in coupled lines the coupled pulse goes the opposite direction in the second line.
Hi, I have a pcb with RF and digital on same board. Currently I am just esting the RF. The digital is not populated. One of the outputs of the RF is a reference cloack output of 90MHz (at a low level). Whenever I amplify this and then use to drive a D flip flop there is an interence in the output. I do not know how this coupled. 1) The refernce