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Hi everybody I'm using tsmc nmos_rf 90nm & i want to find parameter values like un*cox, Ve, lambda & etc . So how or where do i find them in linux & Cadence??? (Which folder or file in that) It,s necessary for me.
Depends on the models (which LEVEL or BSIM model) you have available. You should find these parameters in the model file(s): Vth as VTH0 Channel length modulation parameter as PCLM For Kn you need the low field channel carrier mobility U0 and cox, which you can calculate from the SiO2 oxide thickness parameter TOX (or TOXP or TOXN).
how to mesure un*cox for nmos3v in tsmc? You can calculate it from an Ids current measurement in strong inversion and linear region from this equation: I_{ds} = \frac {(\mu_n \cdot \, cox)}{2n} \cdot \, \frac {W}{L} \cdot \, (V_{gs}-V_{th})^2 For the substrate factor
Hi guys, I have got a very simple netlist that I trying to simulate in Hspice: MN1 VCC Gat 0 0 CMOSN L=360n W=360n VDD VCC 0 DC 1.8 Vgs Gat 0 DC 1.43 .OP 1us .END The model used is 0.18micron tsmc. In the model K' is defined as (?cox/2) = 177.2uA/v? and Vth =0.43v. Base on
hello there , i have searched a lot for how to extract these values by cadence from technology files and get some numbers , but nothing :-( any help , please thanks in advance :-)
I can't comment on tsmc 180nm, but I have seen other PDKs where models had mistakes. You should troubleshoot the difference step by step, starting with series L and series R. Next, look at the shunt path (cox, Csub Rsub). I have documented the steps here:
Calculate cox from Tox. Gate oxide thickness nmos Tox_n = 3.70E-9 Spice mobility U0_n = 5.66E-2 Gate oxide thickness nmos Tox_p = 3.72E-9 Spice mobility U0_p = 7.02E-3
Hi laperla, I don't know what simulator you use since you don't mention anything about it but as fas as cadence is concerned you can estimate the desired product by yourself and ofcourse compare it to the value that erikl's link suggests for confirmation of correct calculations.So,after your dc analysis in cadence spectre go to Print Model Param
can anybody tell me this parameters for tsmc .18u: un*cox & up*cox & Vtn & Vtp
What are the values of K = ucox for both nmos and pmos in 180nm ? Thanks. Find U0 and TOX here in the MOSIS WAFER ACCEPTANCE TESTS. u=U0 ; cox(180nm) = ε0*εr(SiO2)/TOX = (8.854e-12 F/m * 3.9) / 4.1e-09 m = 8.42e
Hi guys, what are the mobility and cox for 0.18 um technology of tsmc? Also how can i find them by simulation? thanks
Wopt=1/3wLcoxRs the unit is so weird Wopt um cox mF/m^2 may u give the CMOS gate width for 0.18 um tsmc at 2.4GHz? I have the big trouble in designing the LNA
you use model of tsmc, so you can calculate Kp=up*cox,up is displaced by up0 that can be found in model document
Hi! Kp = ?p cox - nevertheless Kn = ?n cox Added after 3 minutes: You can look in model file the parameters VTH0 - threshold voltage and KP - Kp pmos and Kn nmos Added after 8 minutes: Ids = KpW/L (Vgs - Vt)? This is equation for saturation region of
Does any have or know a link for obtaining process parameters for tsmc 0.35 process. cox, mu_n, mu_p, Vthn, Vthp, ... THANKS
hi everyone, I am trying to design LNA basing on tsmc 0.18u CMOS design kit in ADS. But I do not know how to set model's parameters. For example, what 's the gamma, cox..etc.. I read the file "" in the directory of design kit and found a lot of abbreviations. It seems like the parameters. But I don't know the meaning of those abbre
Hi.. how we can calculte the cox of CMOS using the parameters of Pspice CMOS model tsmc 180nm . thanx
Hi all, I have a doubt regarding K=Un*cox. In this link are given the spice parameters for tsmc 0.18um technology. Mosis has specified Un*cox/2 value separately here(It can also be calculated from model file parameters). But when I actually c
mos Ids= 0.5 *u *cox*(w/l) * some book said 0.5 *u *cox =>Kp or Kn how about this value in CMOS process umc 0.5um = ? 0.35um =? 0.18u = ? tsmc 0.5u 0.35u 0.18u = ? thank you
Hi all, Can somedbody tell me if it is possible to determine kp and kn, cox from a BSIM model? In a BSIM model what is the unit of u0 (U0)? -Jayson Hello Jayson! here is a sample MOS model for the tsmc 0.18 micron process MOSIS WAFER