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Im trying to apply cpml code for TM mode in silver medium that modeled with Drude form in visible frequencies, i cant prevent reflection from boundry of my computational region.Could anyone help me?
Hi boys... I programmed this code for cpml 2D simulation based on Taflove 's fortran code for 3D. But when I plot relative error for UPML (alpha max=0) and cpml (both simulations with the same caracteristics), the relative error is smaller than UPML than for cpml. I leave my code. I think (...)
Hi A 3D FDTD code with cpml boundary conditions is attached. It is implemented in C language and it simulates the radiation from a dipole (Near field only). I have added proper comments in the code so that anybody who wants to modify can do the same without much trouble. This code is actually a modified version of (...)
Hi, I need help. When i wrote the cpml code for myself using C++, there is something wrong. I have the Fortan and C codes of cpml from this forum. But for my code, I need some changes to the fields of Z axis. I want to deal with z the same as x and y. Here I attach my code, hope (...)
cpml is better than UPML because cpml can treats dispersive case. Moreover, the codes are also clearly stated in Taflove's book. Please refer to CHAPTER 7
Dose anyone have a MATLAB code for 2-Dimensional dispersive media with cpml? Tanksss
Hi A couple of months back I uploaded a cpml Fortran code (From Taflove's book Thitd edition). Have a look at it. Best Regards Jithesh
hello,everyone .I am doing a research about electromagnetic simulation .I am not clear to cpml .I need some papers and useful information about this absorbing boundary condition.and if anyone who have the 3d fdtd with cpml c++ souce code ,please do me a favor to email me . my e-mail address thanks very much for you (...)