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I have 1553BRM ip core(netlist). I want to use that core as a remote terminal. from the datasheet of 1553BRM, it is not clear to me all the signals and I/O lines what to assign there, how to interface the cpu and memory signals. so if anybody can give me some example code(vhdl), it will be of great help. Monoj
May be this can help you: I2C master connected and tested with LEON Processor... This design uses the open core's I2C master. The core's cpu interface is modified from WISHBONE to AMBA/APB. The latter is done in order to test the core and its new APB interface with LEON processor. LEON is written in vhdl therefor the (...)
Friends, I have problem in vhdl logic code for Microwire cpu serial interface. In this Input CI comes from cpu serially by shift register on every high edge of the CCLK whereas output to cpu from FPGA, CO goes to cpu on every negative edge of the CCLK. During FPGA (...)
Hi frendz i have recvd a task. Plz help me how shall I approach the problem.. its SPI in vhdl Instructions: Write a vhdl program that implements a SPI interface to a cpu, the received bytes are passed to a command parser for decoding. serial protocol in the SPI should be as follows: 1- /CS goes low prior to data (...)