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hello frds, recently i designed conventional cpw fed UWB monopole antenna in cst, i dnt know whether my wave guide port dimensions to excite the cpw feed are correct or not. can anyone simulate the designed antenna and provide remarks.
please help me by providing cpw feed port dimesnions in cst to exite the microstrip antenna
please provide the necessary design steps to design sma connector to feed cpw in cst
hello how can I do the excitation for conductor backed cpw??? which kind of port???
Hi, I want to connect a microstrip using Copper with a Roger's 3003 substrate to a cpw with Niobium as the center conductor and ground plane and a silicon substrate. I have connected them currently using bond pads, but does anyone have any suggestion for a better way to connect. Also, when i specify the ground plane (...)
Hi Friends Recently I have designed a EBG cell which it's reflection phase around 3.5 GHz is zero. In order to use this structure I've used a cpw antenna with resonant frequency of 3.5 GHz. The problem is I expect a resonant frequency of 3.5 GHz for whole structures (maybe with some ripple), but the resonant frequency is shifted to 4.5 GHz and som
There is a how-to page on FEKO's website on how to create a cpw feed in FEKO.
Hello, I am currently trying to simulate a cpw resonator @ ~7GHz using cst microwave studio. I've attached the cst file in case people want to help. At the moment I'm not getting any good results, the S21,S11 parameters are flat, no peaks or dips. Not sure what I have done wrong in my design, the ports I defined are larger than the (...)
Hello, I am simulating a cpw to CPS transition in cst using transient solver. I am not sure if I am setting the port parameters correctly. I tried two appraches:- 1. Defining multipin port and setting up potentials. (But this means I am manipulating my simulation and only getting the desired even mode whereas in (...)
Dear All, I have imported a Differential trace into cst MWS, and I am using "Time Domain Solver" to get S-parameters and TDR measurements; the Problem is that we are getting wrong results.. we have used Polar software and the impedance is 100 Ohm differential.. but the TDR in cst MWS show a 3 Ohm (...)
Hi. Im doing simulations with a patch antenna, fed by a CB-cpw line... and though I thought i knew CB-cpw well... Some doubts have shown up... Your help will be kindly appreciated. I now there are more modes in this structure but i guess the usual propagating one is the CB-cpw mode, from center strip to lateral (...)
Hi everyone, I have a little problem, could you help me ? I consulted a paper about dual band using coplanar waveguide, I simulated it in cst, but the result seemed very diffferent from that paper, I mean it was wrong. Setting port is ok, beacause E at port is QUASI-TEM and similar to my privious cpw simulation. (...)
Hi guys, i just model a basic cpw. but i could not get the correct s-parameter result. I suspect it might be the port. Do i need to add space? *background property* below is the thanks
Hi guys, I have this project. A cpw model has already been constructed. and my next objective is to perform RCS on it. Can someone please advice me on how to do it? I am using cst MWS software. Thank you. Please advice.
I have simulated conductorbacked coplanar waveguide in cst. However I am getting only odd mode fields and not cpw mode ie even mode. Any Suggestions
Hi, I have been reading a lot on cpw design from many sources but I don't know how to design an open end stub or a T on cpw. I can use ADS or cst for the design but I don't know where to start to select the dimensions of the stub since many equations take into account the gap but not the actual lenght of the stub. Any guidance is much (...)
hi Firkin pls read this paper it may be help u a little but i dont have confidence that u can use for U structure because hiss and cst have problem with small antenna design A 60-GHz Millimeter-Wave cpw-Fed Yagi Antenna Fabricated by Using 0.18-μm CMOS Technology by Shun-Sheng Hsu, Student Member, IEEE, Kuo-Chih Wei, Student (...)
well i am doing my dissertation in Fractal Slot antennas. Currently i am designing Minkowski slot antenna and i am using cpw feeding. Please anyone tell me how can i feed my antenna in cst?? thanks in advance
well i am doing my dissertation in Fractal Slot antennas. Currently i am designing Minkowski slot antenna and i am using cpw feeding. Please anyone tell me how can i feed my antenna in cst?? thanks in advance
Hello, I'm testing cpw these days. I heard there would be a way to calculate TL attenuation coefficient(alpha) by cst eigenmode solver with periodic boundary condition. The TL is cpw and I'd like to see the attenuation change according to the frequency sweeping. With other solvers I couldn't get an exact alpha due to the (...)