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Hi, I tried to simulate a cpw resonator with hfss 13 but I get this error message"port refinement, process hf3d error: port P1 does not have a solved inside material on either side" So can someone help me to overcome this problem tnx in advance125314
Hi I am currently using hfss simulating a grounded cpw T-line on silicon substrate. I tried with both Wave port and lumped port. But I got very different results. I read that a lot saying that it needs to meet the minimum sizing for wave port depending on the width and spacing of the (...)
Hi I am trying to simulate cpw in hfss with Wave port and Lumped port but results for S Parameter are very different between two. Also, for Wave port S11 is decreasing rapidly after 60GHz and that is not something expected. Can anybody help me to figure out this issue? Any help is appreciated. (...)
Hi to all, I need A COMPACT cpw-FED UWB ANTENNA WITH GSM, GPS, BLUETOOTH AND DUAL NOTCH BANDS APPLI- CATION antenna design for my thesis. Is there any in these examples? Also i cant take wave port for coaxial in my project. i use hfss v15 in hfss full book v.10 . i donot know how to design slots
I am designing an antenna with two ports (1.Co-axial feed & 2. cpw feed) in hfss 15.0. Can anyone please tell that how do I simulate it & how do I get the results for separate ports?
hi friend i am veeramani i am doing my research on cpw feed antennas and now i am working on cpw feed slot antenna. i am confused about slot antennas feed by cpw because how the antenna resonating elements contact with ground plane. if it is contact there is no difference between the signal and ground . my another question is how to (...)
How to define cpw port for a monopole antenna. can any body help me?? I need help as I am new in cpw port excitation. I am implementing a research paper but I donot know about cpw fed. And also I am not getting from the cpw port tutorial by hfss. see my (...)
How to define cpw port for a monopole antenna. can any body help me?? I need help as I am new in cpw port excitation. I am implementing a research paper but I donot know about cpw fed. And also I am not getting from the cpw port tutorial by hfss. see my (...)
Is it possible to define internal cpw port in hfss simulation? - - - Updated - - - In one of the hfss training manuals, it is given that : " Wave port Restrictions: port should be on exterior model face, or capped by a perfect conductor block if internal." Here, what does capped by a (...)
Hi, So I have an urgent problem. I'm trying to design a cavity/resonator coupled to a multi step cpw filter. Now, individually everything works properly, but when I couple and try to model, it doesn't work well. I've used the standard suggested wave port dimensions and still get nothing. The field at the port is often non symmetric (...)
Hi, I am simulating a cpw fed Patch antenna in hfss at 60 Ghz. At first I used wave port for feeding the cpw according to the port_Tutorial_cpw of ansoft, and got very good results. My antenna resonates almost at 60 Ghz. But now when I use Lump port in the same design, (...)
Hello I'm begginer in hfss, I tried to smulate a cpw between thw ports, I calculated the dimensions of the cpw to have 50 ohms using Appcad, there is no errors in calculations because I verified them using others softwares my problem is that I get a stange impedance Z11 or Z22 not equal to 50 plzzzzzzzzzzz can someone (...)
Hello, I am trying to simulate the tapered cpw design which I imported from GDSII file. The basic Idea is to calculate the port to port impedance and calculate S params Now the hfss is giving this error with the waveport. hfssDesign2 withprobes(generic) (...)
Hello, I am simulating some lambda/2 series cpw resonators, and have been getting some disagreement between my results when simulating by Wave port or Lumped Terminal. They both show resonance at roughly the expected frequency, but disagree on order of a few hundred MHz. I am inclined to believe the wave port results as they are close to (...)
is this model right? to define a cpw port in hfss?
I designed cpw with 50 ohms. I have drawn in hfss, but i am not getting results. I think i made mistake in port assignment and boundary setting. Here i attached my designed file. If any have idea correct it or else suggest me. Kindly give reply me.
Dear all, I am using a probe feed antenna. Could you please let me know how to set the wave port with a cap. I tried w/o cap but error is port refinement error that port is internal to the structure . Thanks and regards Prakash
hi, i am trying to attach a lumped port with cpw slot antenna but it is not occurring properly,i have attached the file in hfss also paper which i want to follow.if any one can help me it will be great favour. also if someone has worked on slot antenna then plz tell me in order to make slot i should subtract slot rectangle from ground (...)
Hi All, I'm working on ungrounded cpw structure. I've been through all previous post about cpw , how to feed it and Ansoft tutorials,and I designed a cpw antenna with SMA. From Antenna_kit released by ansoft I realized that the length of the coax should be Lambda/6. So I simulated my cpw with 4 different feeding, 1.SMA with (...)
Well Friends, I am designing a ultra wide band antenna with cpw. Now I want to use Wave port Excitation. I designed the wave port but whenever I am not getting good result because of improper excitation. Now I really need to know the proper excitation method. I did go through Help menu but problem was not fixed. Please help me. Thank You.