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Hello, I would like to simulate a simple cpw line on a large band of frequency 0-20 GHz. I have created the excitation waveport and the boundary as the same as the cpw tutorial. The E-field on waveport is ok. The S11 parameter hav
hi evereybody im trying to simulate a shunt capacitive switch on a cpw by ansoft hfss, but i have problems to excite the structure to obtain s-parameters. i dont know how and with witch wave port i should do the excitation. has anybody any idea??
Try the search function. I have responded to cpw feed questions a number of times on this site.
As far as I know the lumped port attempts to simulate an excitation probe on your circuit. I have used a lumped port on cpw structure to simulate my sample. I have used for the port a width equal to the width of the cpw signal trace. I left the same gaps of the cpw line and I connected the opposite side (...)