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Hello everyone, I read one paper about adding via-hole and air-bridge to reduce the spurious passband in a single-side cpw. In this paper, the author put the microstrip air-bridge in the backside of cpw. So the structure became the cpw cover and backing. I have finished the stimulation of the single-side (...)
ya infact Agilent hfss r ansoft hfss works better for cpw structures.. out of these two u can go for ansoft hfss
Hi, Abhi: Please define negative ports on the cpw ground with width about 50-70 um is good. The exact value is not very critical. You just need about the same size as the center conductor or slightly larger. Regards.
Hi, Abhi: I believe you must have not defined differential ports between the center strip and the finite cpw grounds. The port you defined on the center strip is referencing the infinite ground. ie3d issues a warning message to you. If you define the ports correctly, it should cause such message. Attached are two models for your cpw (...)
Hi, Faeyz: Defining cpw port is descirbed in the manual. However, if you don't know what to do for your particular structure, please uploade it or send the file to me at: