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Hi i need to make a guard ring around pmos. I need a p diffusion guard ring. So is there a specific way to create the guard ring. I mean i wasnt able to find a particular layer in the LSW window for guard ring so i searched online and i saw some places they were mentioning some layers that i can't even find in cadence. Can someone pls help me. by p
I would expect it to work well, unless you also replaced your MP3 charger with a rapid high power charger and create more thermal losses. Otherwise, no worries.
Hello, I have created an NMOS and a PMOS using skill script file. The problem is they are in different files and have default coordinates where they are placed to. I am trying to find a way to place them top to top e.g. like this: 103946 and connect their pins to create an inverter for example. So far I have
I want to create a SCHLIB component and PCBLIB footprint for a connector which is purchased as multiple components. They sell the contacts separately from the housing so I want to have a single component show up with two part numbers on the BOM. I was originally going to create two components, one for each part, but then I run into (...)
Hi, I am designing a circuit that uses an isolated P-well in IBM 130 nm. To create the isolated Pwell, I used a PI layer and a N-well layer surrounding PI. Using a PI guard ring, each of the contacts(p+ contact for isolated p-well, n+ contact for n-well and p+ contact for the outside p-substrate), were connected to their respective power rails.
hi, I used to use mentor IC studio. I could define multi finger mos transistor with different widths, assign # of metal contacts customary and even orientation of the metal contacts. Now i use cadence virtuoso and i see very limited options on create instance mos.... which limits layout optimisation. Is there some adjustments (...)
Hello everybody, this is my first post in this forum. I am using Sentaurus TCAD to reproduce a circular structure. I created the 2D cut first, and now I am trying to rotate it. There is the command "sweep" to do that, but only contacts, regions, and mesh are rotating. I am not able to rotate a gaussian doping profile. I found something in the m
hi vikram789 The Nwell layer is lightly doped region, so we need the N+diff to create highly doped region for the contacts
As title, I've been hearing some of the DSP-based tone generator which wanna be close to vacuum tube sound, but they mostly sounds not real. Therefore, I'm appreciate if anyone in this forum can give me some advice.
hi, any industry people working on virtuoso, hwo do we create contacts automatically in virtuoso, i dont want to create a new cell for contacts and instantiate it, i read in the manual that w ecan create it automatically but that thing is not working, any ideas, pls reply soon.... its urgent. (...)
hi, i am quoting some lines form the manual of Cadence "You can create your own contacts and have them appear in the Contact Type cyclic field by adding them to the technology file. You must use either syEnhContact or syContact device class when defining and delcaring your custom contacts............" i searched for that