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Hi, what exactly is a wrapper file? I keep reading that to do certain things I will need to create a wrapper file "around my code". I have a rough idea, but not exact... So a vhdl file *.vhd is just a file containing the vhdl code, just as a *.c file is a file containing c code. An edif file is a netlist listing the instances of vhdl modul
hello in first i don't understand english very well,but i need help,i work with TT(turbo tester) becuaze i have to add information about this and give to university,i'm computer student(software),so i find line command ver in win ,but i don't know how can i use this,i need to win ver but i can not find,so i think i need to create edif file maybe i
hi I am new to xilinx. I want to know, how to generate .edif file frm ISE. Normally I am not getting any .edif file. Is der any steps... I am using ISE 11
HI, I don't think you can simulate your design that easily, you maybe able to add those edif files and NGC file into your final design and when the design is fully routed and mapped, you can create a post-layout simulation of your design and that way you can simulate the whole design. One simple way is to create small project for each (...)
Integrate OrCAD schematic with Expedition PCB layout Solution WG2000.5 and earlier: There is no direct integration between OrCAD and Expedition PCB. Have the necessary Padstacks, Cells, and Parts ready to go in the attached Central Library. create an edif 2.0.0 netlist in OrCAD. In Expedition, use File>Import>edif netlist t
What exactly are you trying to do? Some simulators are require edif netlists which is the purpose of the tool. Since the Xilinx tool created the ngc file, there is no need to convert it to use it within the Xilinx tool. If you want a sythesizable file, then I think you have to run the design through the "Translate" stage. This should give you
Hi, you can find the edif-Netlist files of the @ltium FPGA components in the folder \library\edif\vendor\*.zip (btw: they are compiled with Synplify :wink: ) But these files are password protected. If you create an @ltium Designer project with PIC core, you can find the *.EDN file within your project folder after compiling. Maybe (...)
Hi, We are using synplify pro to create and edif and then xilinx ise to creat a bitmap? I was just wondering why exactly the performance of synplify is better than XST and in what way? Is the runtime faster? Or is it more optimized? In what way exactly Thanks
After that create new project, define this module as submodule in VHDL file. It cannot work, the xilinx will optimize this module ??? I don't know and don't understand, why ?? i didnt get ur problem...can you expalin in more detail
You can export netlist from Orcad Capture to many output netlist (edif, VHDL, VERILOG, ..) See Tools->create netlists->.. But you may need to fix an output source code to compile it correctly.
Is there a way to translate schematic databases on schematic composer c@dence into eProduct Designer databases? I have seen that you have the possibility to create an edif200 netlist and ePD provides you the possibility to create schematics from edif however when I do this, I have grid problems. Anyone can help me or has (...)