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Hi everyone, i need to create this Die package.N-channel Power MOSFET has Source ,Gate and Drain pad need to create but in this datasheet ,i have pad size for Gate (widht not mention for Gate) and Source,but Drain mention as Back How to create this Die package. Package
I'm trying to create a custom pad for a FET, however, the custom pad area "polygon" is not connected to the pad placed as seen in 3D View. I made this part by following the Altium directions to create an outline, followed by Tools>Convert>create Region from Selected Primitive. I then (...)
I would like to create a PCELL for layout and symbol. My question is how to add the terminal/pad name to the layout using SKILL (e.g. drain/gate/source/bulk) so that I can pass LVS?
In Cadence Virtuoso ADE You are able to create a config view and inside it bound a proper netlist to a cell
I am trying to create a circular SMT pad in allegro. The pad is not part of an IC pin or any component pin. I need the pad itself as a symbol. I tired editing existing pads in padstack. When I edit the pad in padstack, I see what I want. But when I try (...)
After following all the steps to configure vias: 1. create the via pad on pad Designer. 2. Make definition for similar vias from BB Vias Setup on PCB Editor. Setting start & end layers. 3. Add via to physical contraint set, at respective top layer. 4. At routing time, select start (Active) & End (Alternate) layers. I started to (...)
Hello, I create a connector FPC using Package symbol (wizard) de Allegro PCB editor but I got finally a symbol amazing (see photo attached). I don't see the pads properly in the symbol but I can see the pad in 3D. I have turned on all color layers. Have you see the same problem ? Thanks
I have tested whit this solution: I create padClass Named Not 1.7mm and select the pad for this classes. I create Rule Routing Width: Min,Pref,Max 0,25mm and Select All Priority 2 I create Rule Routing Width: Min 0,25 and Pref,Max 1,7mm And write this Query= InNet('GND') and not (...)
How do you create these sort of pads without doing the above, there is no clearance required to the edge of the board it is routed afterwards...that is how you get the concave pad, the design is plated then the board outline is routed to give you the half pads, any copper smear is cleaned up by the PCB manufacture. I have (...)
Hi, I am trying to create JST connector footprint of 6 pin smd , but i need to include 2 soldering pad on either side of the package. i try to place a pad for it, but while net listing error show up as extra 2 pad in the footprint. kindly tell me how to go with the soldering pad which has no electric (...)
Does anyone know of any PCB bare board cutaway view builders? I would like to create a powerpoint presentation when ever we get new tecnnology or I need to give build training to my designers. Preferably a tool that has a previously created library of cutaway views of features (microvias, PTH,NPTH holes, pads, pad stacks, (...)
I am designing a medium complexity board using KiCAD. I am using freerouting tool to autoroute the design following the steps here Looks like autorouter keeps running forever with 7 connection still not done. I clicked on the violation tab and it says '5 clearance violation found'. All
Hello, I am creating the footprint for the attached power jack. Apparently, I can't create a rectangle shape drill, in DRILL layer. Orcad seems to allow only round shape for this layer. How am supposed to set this footprint, since its terminals are rectangular?? Do PCB houses usually charge any more for non round drills? Tks!
Dear sir/madam i want to know how create pad stack using datasheet . Example : length ,height, pitch value using a datasheet(allegro) lot confusion how to used given dimensionless using datasheet let about clear please help me Thank you A.Mahadevan
hi pavan, 1.create the pad using pad Designer;{pad size is 1.47mmx0.3mm or else convert in mils 58 milx12 mil} the cadence allegro-->file-->new-->package symbol {select} then save footprint name as ssop-28pin 3.assign the path of library using setup-->user preference-->path-->library then select the pin, using (...)
Using the 'Configure Physical Nets' tool in Altium you can merge copper touching a certain net with that net to avoid getting shorting violations. But I am trying to create a PIFA (inverted F-antenna) which has a ground point and also the active antenna point. So there is a pad for ground, another pad for the RF connection, and there is a (...)
Hi, this is very beginner question, but I can't find answer. I'm trying to create my first PCB. I have to create my own PCB component. It is in 16-pins Small Outline Package. Here are dimensions in millimeters from datasheet: 91299. I use component wizard and I'm not sure what size of pads I should set. From the datash
Hi all, I'm assigned to layout for a Bond pad but i'm not clear. I would like to know which layers are used in a Bond pad, the way to create, and are there any documents about it? Thanks much.
You an draw your T-shaped pad as a shape symbol and use it in the pad stack. create a shape symbol in your required shape and save in the directory of your board file. In the pad stack you create,browse for the SHAPE SYMBOL you created and use the pad stack in your (...)
Place the Via or pad at the edge of the PCB & mark the PCB edge as center of the padS. You have to give the clearance between PCB while penalization, so the unwanted half pad will not create any problem in the next PCB...