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Is it possible to figure out how a mobile credit card reader, like Square, works? Is it the same as the more popular Veriphone terminals that abound? The problem is, that I am buying a Square like device from a supplier in China, and I want him to supply me a trustworthy device. I don't know how that will happen, without me knowing (...)
Hi, Can i interface online credit card reader with pic microcontroller like in this link Omni 3700 credit card Machine Actullay in the given link there is no option for interfacing with microcontroller.this is just for reference that i want to use these kind of devices with microcontro
At a thrift shop, to my surprise, I found and purchased an Ingenico 3500 credit/debit card reader. It appears almost new. There is no wear on the buttons or case. The labels say "I3500 UTF" on the front and "I3500 RS232" on the rear. It apears to need 6VDC at 0.5 A. It does however have a socket for an 8 pin IP LAN plug - despite the RS232 (...)
6 feet distance would be in reach of an ISO/IEC 15693 application (13.56 MHz, vincinity cards). But considerable reader power is needed for the range. A standard tag could have e.g. an ID1 (credit card) form factor. You didn't however give a clear specification of the intended application and it's constraints yet. P.S.: (...)
It's about a credit card reader project. My budget is 1000 USD. If the project will be finished in record time, I will pay 300 $ extra. I need a software for 16F87A that will communicate with the Magtek 21006516 decoder and will write the info on a 24lc512 (every track stored in the memory will also have a time stamp). I have the (...)
What will it be used for? These devices are often used for credit card number thieft.
i want to buy this module but the farnell have it but out of stock. may i know where can get the product below i want to buy it by internet banking..because i have no credit card like visa and master card.... may i can get some website which have this product... thank you..
Hey there, I have an HP compaq 8710 w I don't know anything about ricoh smart card readers, so i would appreciate if someone tells me how they work. I read on the internet that you could use them on multiple kinds of cards, credit cards, satellite tv cards,...etc How can i use it on (...)
Hello, Nowaday, we are going to design an IC chip for magnetic-stripe card reader(e.g credit card reader). So I must understand the any aspect of the megnetic-stripe card, but the data for it is quite less. At present, I only know the basic structure of magnetic-stripe (...)
Hi, here is the link to the Microchip web site on how to use a PIC with a credit card reader. Good luck.