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In my opinion, if you have time, they are best explained in "RF power amplifiers for Wireless Communications" 2nd ed. by Steve cripps
Start to read... power amplifiers, Steve cripps
cripps book about RF power amplifiers is a must to read in this domain, but books wrote by Grebennikov have more practical information how to design a PA using simulators. htt
Hi All, When I read the book of "Advanced Techniques in RF power amplifiers Design" written by cripps, on page 45, I have no idea about the number "3.5" and "1.5" in the equation of "3.5^2/1.5", in terms of Figure 2.15, I havn't seen these two number before in the Chapter 2, where does these come from?
Hi, Anyone have cdrom of Steve cripps "RF power amplifiers for Wireless Communications" ? I got ebook, but that doesnt come with CDROM .
Hello No one, Try the following form Steve C. cripps: RF power amplifiers for wireless communications Advanced techniques in RF power amplifier design regards.
who have the "RF power amplifiers for wireleness communication" by cripps
You need to take a look in Steve cripps' book "RF power amplifiers fro Wireless Communications" to fully understand what's going on. In short the optimum load presents a load line (class A) that swings between gate-drain breakdown and maximum current at pinch off. Ropt=(Vdgb-|Vp|-Vk)/IDSS Vdgb= gate to drain breakdown voltage Vp = (...)
Take a look at chapter 2 of Steve cripps' book "RF power amplifiers ..." where he shows his method of deriving load pull countours
in the below sentence: You can download the book "RF power amplifiers for Wireless Communication" by Steve C. cripps in the MFC fileman in the directory new ebook What is MFC fileman?
Advanced Techniques in RF power Amplifier Design Steve C. cripps Artech House, Published 2002, ISBN 1580532829 RF and Microwave power Amplifier Design By: Grebennikov, Andrei ISBN: 0071444939
Grab the two cripps books on power amplifiers. Steven cripps. He has two of them. Those are the references for power amplifier design. Also, go to and go to the electrical engineering section click on the high speed circuit design course there is a great lecture on (...)
"RF power amplifiers for Wireless Communication" Steve C. cripps , Artech-House. I got his another book "Advanced technuques in PA". Thanks!

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