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Hi, I want to create a graph connecting some nodes with specified delays in matlab so that I could find the critical path(max. delay path). I am currently using the 'biograph' which assigns delays on the connecting paths. But I want to assign the delays to the nodes only not the path as I want to use this program in an electrical network in (...)
Does anyone know what causes the error message from HFSS " Could not preserve critical nodes." ? I got this when trying to simulate a thin dipole (length 500 mm, radius 0.000001 mm) at 299.792458 MHz, which is a frequency at which the dipole should be exactly \lambda/2 and so have an input impedance of 73 + j 42 Ohms. Do
this is not cmos, logical effort doesn't apply. tspc doesn't seem to have a really sizing methodology, it all depends on the frequency you're operating at from my experience. for a given size, the lower the frequency, the less ability critical nodes have to store charge, the more chance of glitches and wrong results.
you need to fix the operating point first i.e. when you apply vdd/2 to both inputs you should get vdd/2 as output. when you will achieve this your circuit will give you the maximum possible gain, while doing ac analysis don't forget to put the load capacitance at critical nodes. to fix oupput to vdd/2 you need to modify w and l of some transist
Im using quartus II 6.0 to simulate my circiut, but there is an critical warning comes out and said that : ----------------------------------------------------------- critical Warning: Ignored Power-Up Level option on the following nodes -- nodes are set to power up low (...)
If the full adder is A+B+CIN->S+COUT set A=FFFFh and B=0000h and CIN=1b and interchange A and B. With this test you trigger the critical path. Toggling all nodes with a reduced vector set require knowledge about the implementation.