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As for sharpness, an ordinary pin (hatpin, safety pin, needle) works for me. I keep a few in my meter case, to take readings from tiny terminals, and to puncture insulation, etc. I grasp them in crocodile clips. You want the point to be sharp enough to dig into metal a tiny bit. Otherwise if it's dull, the point slides along metal surfaces.
Praveen, there's a proliferation of cheap 5 vlt supplies, thanks to smartphones. Chop off the USB connector and connect your own crocodile pins. Even the modest ones give a current of at least 500 ma, and the'er cheaper, more compact than rolling your own with a transformer, diode, caps and the voltage regulator. Regards.
Congratulations on a useful piece of kit. Logic probes seem to be a disappearing tool these days, but they are still very much worth having on your work bench. Connect the two crocodile clips to the power supply of the circuit you want to test - red to positive, black to negative or ground. Don't connect to more than about 15V though. Generally
Forgive my ignorance but I have studied this crocodile Simulation Software and I can't seem to get any of my circuits to SIMULATE. Why are there NO VCC or VSS on the IC chips ??? (i.e. 4011, 4017, etc) I am attaching a simple 10 LED "Chaser" circuit and when I close the switch, I get voltages but the LED's do NOT light up at all, let alone "Ch
For low frequency signals you can make up a BNC TG58 cable with two crocodile clips on the other side
from now there are free home licenses (only for home; the program communicate on start through the internet) to the crocodile clips programs. including new crocodile technology based on yenka plugin.
Capacitors require good and solid connections for a proper measurement. Use crocodile clips and wait for the result; it might take a minute to measure high value electrolytes. Check the meter manual for maximum possible value or you might have to wait forever! :D
A tombstone-sometimes called a Manhattan skyline, crocodile, leaning tower or space rocket-is a chip component that has partially or completely lifted off one end of the surface of the pad. Tombstones may be caused by solderability variations on terminations; volume of paste; surface area of pad; variations in thermal demand of pads; solder mask th
From the website: crocodile Technology 3D is now available. It combines electronic design, PIC programming, 3D mechanisms and 3D PCB simulation. Design using updated electronic simulation - with over 100 new chips. Include powerful PICs, and write programs easily. Add inputs
If you want to play at it on the computer. I would recommend crocodile Physics as a cheap fun eda tool. It is used a lot in schools in the UK. Nice animated components, Leds etc explode when too much current applied, Cool!.