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hi all i need matlab auto correlation and cross correlation function codes ;can anybody help me please ?
A non-mathematician way to look at cross-correlation is the misnomer 'pattern matching'. I had to use cross-correlation to pick a pleth (heart-beat) pattern out of a raw ECG signal. Also, arguably, an FT or FFT is cross-correlation of the input with a sine wave of a given frequency. (...)
The other advantage of considering partial correlation is that, when two sequences are not synchronized and when one sequence is depread other will cause partial cross correaltion
low rate signature sequence length is greater than highrate user .now to do cross correlation you need to have same length sequence .You can add zeros to high rate users seqence to make it same length as low rate ....... u can refer to any IEEE paper related to multirate CDMA and see the model you will understand better
orthognal codes are codes which satisfy : cross correlation between any two=0 auto correlation is finite. they are used in communication systems as is CDMA , where spread spectrum is used "for multiple access". when spreading a certain signal with one of these codes it cannot be de-spread unless by the same "nearly" code, so users "in (...)
Dear all In the phase noise measurement, there is a method called cross correlation that reduces phase detector noise and increases the accuarcy of measurement. I want to know How is the formula of X-correlation obtained. Thanks. rf2000
I'd like to calculate cross correlation of two sets of data which have 3300 12-bit samples respectively.but i don't know how much MAC i need, because i have to determine which type of cylcone2 for my development in terms of the amount of MACs thank you!
hello, what is Normalized cross correlation method
Hi, In Matlab you can use the command "xcorr" in order to find the correlation. the command takes a vector or two and calculates the correlation and cross corelation. But the problem is that the out put is a vector!!! you have two soloutions to find the correlation matrix. 1- change the elements of xcorr result to the (...)
Hi abhi, From matlab help: XCORR(...,MAXLAG) computes the (auto/cross) correlation over the range of lags: -MAXLAG to MAXLAG, i.e., 2*MAXLAG+1 lags. If missing, default is MAXLAG = M-1. Probably you are getting this message because the second argument is a scalar. Regards Z
Hi all, I have a question! I have a vector( array of elements) and I need to compute the auto-correlation matrix for this. How do I do it in Matlab. This matrix needs to be toeplitz and symmetrical. Also on the same lines, How do i perform cross correlation between 2 sets of elements (arrays again) using matlab. I need all this (...)
Hi, I think using cross correlation function is a good idea. I have a same problem for syncronization and solve it easily with cross correlation fonction. Regards
probably the original poster needs code to evaluate the cross-correlation factor among two data sets. Maybe you can look for a statistics package (e.g. in source code form). Such packages often have support for both cross-correlation and auto-correlation function evaluation. the_penetrator?
Hi, I like to do cross corellation XCORR in FPGA between two signals. I know how XCORR work and how we can calculate it. But do you guys have a verilog code for it? (I use Spartan-3 board) For example each signal has 8 sample and each sample is 8 bit. Could you give me any verilog code for it? Or any refrence and help about the way
hi, u can study a book on radar by skolonik,there is another good book on radar and optimum signal processing by van trees it is available in eda books upload/download section. basically we find the cross correlation between the original wave and recieved wave and keep on shifting it in time the point of m
PN cod have a good autocorrelation, and Walsh cod have good cross correlation.